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Madeon : the little genius of electronic music

November 12, 2015

On 31st October, I had the chance to see the DJ Madeon in concert at Le Trianon in Paris. Maybe you don’t know him, but he is a huge star in America.


Madeon, real name Hugo Leclercq is a young DJ from Nantes in France. He launched into music very early when he was 11. Years after years, he acquired notoriety thanks to social media like soundcloud or Youtube. He started by doing remixes of famous songs. In 2011, at 16 years old, he published a remix named “Pop Culture” on Youtube composed of 39 hit songs. In 3 minutes, we can hear some Daft Punk, Madonna, Gossip or even Martin Solveig. His career really began with this song. Afterwards, he produced himself all around the world in Paris, London, New York, Toronto and Australia. Once this tour accomplished, he started creating his own music. His first song, “Icarus”, had a gigantic success and allowed him to be more popular. Thanks to it, he played in huge festivals such has Coachella in California. His second single, “Finale” was heard by Lady Gaga who decided to work with him for her third album “Artpop”. She said that he is a little genius that is promised to a great future. With this declaration, she took him under her wing and let him do her first parts in tour. At the beginning of 2015, at 20 years old, he actually released his first album “Adventure” that caused a stir. The most surprising with him is that he still lives in his parents’ house in Nantes. He explained on the TV show Le Grand Journal that he liked to come back home to remain down-to-earth. He knows that what he lives isn’t the real life.


His show on Halloween night at the Trianon was absolutly stunning. Even though I don’t really enjoy DJ’s music, I always found his work different. He started with one of his biggest hits “You’re On” that brought an incredible hysteria into the concert hall. Everybody was singing and dancing along as if nothing mattered anymore. He kept on by playing and remixing his album and every song was better than the previous one. We had the impression that the time officially stopped. His energy on stage was very catching. It was nearly impossible to stay immobile on our chairs. Moreover, the graphics we could see behind him during the show were practically all made by himself. The concert lasted 1h15 and it was too short ! Nevertheless, his kindness on stage was really touching and gave us even more the desire to enjoy the show as much as possible. Every one was asking for more but all  good things have an end… Few days later, he said on social media that it was the best show he had ever done.

For the ones who would like to see him, he will play again at Le Trianon on 28 November ! So see you there !


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