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October 14, 2015


When most people think of Halloween they think of trick-or-treating, parades, bobbing for apples, and other family-friendly activities. But we bet you didn’t know the true story behind the ancient origins of Halloween ! It all goes back two thousand years ago, to the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain celebrating on November 1st. On the night before Samhain people believed that the dead returned as ghosts , so they would leave food and wine on their door steps to keep spirits at bay and wear masks when they left the house so they wouldn’t be mistaken for hollow ghosts.

The Christian church turned Samhain into All Saints’ day or All Hallows in the 8th century, thus the night before became All Hallows’ Eve, later shortened to Halloween.

You probably heard of trick-or-treating on halloween, but what about souling or guising, all three of these traditions originated in Medieval Britain . On All Soul’s Day, November 2nd, the needy would beg for patisseries known as soul cakes, in return they would pray for dead people’s relatives and this was called Souling. In the medieval time, Halloween tradition was guising, young people would dress up in costumes and accept food, wine, money, and other offerings in exchange for singing, reciting poetry or telling jokes.

In the 19th century America, Irish and Scottish immigrants revived these old traditions, the results were Trick-or-Treating. At first it was much more about the tricks and the forms of pranks than the treats ! It wasn’t until the 1950’s that the costumes took on its current family-friendly kid-centered form.

Today Halloween is a huge business, with US consumers spending $2,5 billion a year on costumes and for the candy it is estimated that Americans spend up to $6 billion on Halloween each year (!) making it the most commercial holiday after Christmas.


Here is the list of our favorites movies to watch on Halloween:

Basically every movie by Tim Burton, all classics, never getting old.                                                                                    Monster House, a funny and creepy animated film with its clever plot twists.                                             The Conjuring and Insidious ( only one and two), because James Wan is simply a genius and knows, unlike others, how to direct a real horror movie.                                                                                       Every zombie movies by Georges Romerro, again a genius.                                                                                                Sinister and Paranormal activity if the only things you are looking for are jumpscares.           And finally if you hate horror we recommend you Hocus Pocus ( even if you already thought of it as its so famous) and a very underrated one The Addams Family which  feels very nostalgic to us.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, the real issue here; what to wear for Halloween, what make-up, what to eat and what to do? We’ve reunited some Costumes and Makeup DIYs for you, and of course easy, quick and efficient ones, and some easy recipes and cheap food you can buy at any Walmart or Target, Halloween food and some cozy recipes for Fall.

Let’s start by the DIYs: we’ve chosen AndreasChoice’s tutorials from 2013 and 2014 she made. She proposes make-up you can do mostly with your everyday life make-up, and for a few of them you might have to buy some face painting such as for white and black colors. In her 2013 Halloween video you can learn how to make yourself look like a Scarecrow, a Where’s Waldo, an 80’s girl and how to make a slit throat. Moreover, in the 2014’s one you can become either a character from Orange is the New Black, or a 70’s hippie girl, a Scary pumpkin skull face or even Wednesday Addams.

If you really can’t do your make-up on your own, or if you have no idea of what to wear to be creative, we thought it could be fun, and by the way super creepy, you could dress as a Stick Figure. It’s probably the easier costume to make by yourself; for that you’ll need to dress up in total black (black hoodie, black pants, black shoes) and buy several Glue Glow Sticks (pretty long ones). The easiest way is to stick a stick to each sleeve, each leg, one next to the zip of your hoodie and another one around your hood to make a “face” shape.


For the food you can basically do whatever you want to do for your party, but we chose to reunite some Halloween products and some super easy fall recipes. First you must buy some jelly worms, Nerds and the Halloween limited edition Oreos (with the orange cream).

However, we chose four fall recipes easy to make by yourself and quickly.

First of all, the famous Starbucks fall drink The PUMPKIN SPICE LATE. You’ll need, for one person, espresso or coffee, pumpkin purée, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, brown sugar and milk. In a bowl mix 1 cup of milk, a tablespoon of pumpkin purée, a teaspoon of brown sugar, half of a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Put it in the microwave for 1 or 2 minutes. In a cup pour your hot coffee with the mixture. Dress it with whipped cream and a little of pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon. And there you go! You can even do it for your friends.

Probably the easiest sweet drink for fall is a cup of hot milk with maple syrup, 2 or 3 chocolate squares, and cinnamon. Sweet, hot, cozy, cheap and easy! You can even add marshmallows on the top of it for more sweetness.

If you’re having a party with friends, you can make your own S’mores and the best is that you don’t even need a campfire! In a hot oven plate, put chocolate chunks and arrange your marshmallows on the top. Put it in the oven at 200°C and wait for your marshmallows go get a bit brown. Get your favorite biscuits and enjoy!

Finally, you can make your own Caramel Apples. Buy some caramel squares, make them melt in a pan. Wash you apples and put a stick at the top of them. When the Caramel is melted coat the apples with it. You can let them dry like that or make some peanut chunks and roll the apples in it. And Voila!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Alexia and Mathilde

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