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Cartier’s Odyssey

October 8, 2015

Louis Cartier

Cartier’s odyssey is a beautiful retrospective on the story of the famous jeweler named Cartier; it lasts three minutes and thirty seconds and it’s really important because ordinary commercials don’t last more than one minute.

Why does it last so long ? Because it’s full of references to the fabulous story of Cartier and of the persons who contributed to his establishment.

Before explaining to you all the steps of this extraordinary little movie, you have to know that it cost 4 million euros. However, this amount is only the price all the media were allowed to give because the real one is higher than that; Cartier refuses to communicate it. It took two years to realize it and to film all the emblematic places and it is a retrospective on two centuries of creation.

About the seven steps of this “short movie” :

-First scene, we can see a panther in a house which represents Cartier’s family house; it’s the place where everything began. This international jeweler, symbol of excellence and perfection appears thanks to the passion of three brothers.
Our look stays on the panther which will make us travel all around the world.

-The journey begins in St Petersburg in Russia, it’s snowy and we can see beautiful white horses, symbols of purity and present in most of the myths.  In fact in 1907, at the beginning  of the twentieth century, Cartier convinced the Russian aristocrats, who admired the Parisian jeweler, to support Cartier’s company. It’s only the start of Cartier’s world conquest.

-We continue to follow the panther and we can see one of Cartier’s mythic creations like the love bracelet or the Trinity which is a ring in three gold, yellow, white and pink. This ring has a particular story because it’s Jean Cocteau in 1924 who wanted to declare his love to Raymond Radiguet so he asked Louis Cartier to realize this ring. For many years Trinity was the symbol of homosexual couples but it became the symbol of love in general.

-Suddenly the panther meets a dragon, which is Cartier’s eternal enemy. Their opposition represents the man’s duality and omnipresent fancies in Cartier.

-After all that violence,  we can discover that Cartier brought to the western countries the Indian dream. Queen Alexandra of England bought a necklace designed with an Indian inspiration. Don’t forget the fact that the elephant represents wisdom,  prosperity and  longevity. Three words which can remind us of Cartier’s values.

– The drum rolls and the music becomes more rhythmic. Albert Santos Dumont, a famous airman, appears in the sky in his plane, and afterwards there is a close up on his wrist watch.
Louis Cartier created for his friend, a watch specifically designed to be on the wrist with a leather bracelet. This meeting with the airman will revolutionize the watchmaker’s shop.

– This crossing of the landscapes and of times ends in Paris, back to the beginning with numerous close-ups on the panther. Powerful and unpredictable, mysterious and feminine, it is the emblem of the brand. For the anecdote, in 1933, Jeanne Toussaint was named director of Cartier’s high jewelry. For more than 20 years, this woman, friend of Coco Chanel,  who had a fantastic and free mind, worked as manager of the workshops. This woman is really important because she is at the origin of this panther, the real emblem of the brand. Jeanne Toussaint struck all the minds and that’s why she is represented at the end of Cartier’s odyssey, in the character of the woman dressed in red.


-Finally this short movie ends in  a case which closes after the entrance of the woman and the panther inside.


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