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The Imitation Game

October 1, 2015

Director : Morteym Tyldum

Written By : Graham Moore


Based on a true story, The Imitation Game  follows the life of the genius mathematician,  professor at Cambridge named Alan Turing, who cracked the Impregnable and unbreakable Enigma code used in electrical encoding machines by the Nazis throughout World Ward II.

Introducing Alan Turing credited as : “The father of Computer” 


This legendeary mathematician and scientist, lay the foundation of computing revolution, without him there would be no such things as Apple and Google.

 A tragic and unfair end:

Alan Turing was arrested and brought to trial on “5 March 1952 after the police learned of his sexual relationship with a young Manchester man.At the time homosexuality was illegal and cruelly punished. Thus, rather than going to prison he accepted reluctantly, for the period of a year, hormonal therapy i.e a chemical castration ( injections of oestrogenes) to ” cure him of his homosexual pre-election” ( pretty repellent right?) . He then committed suicide in 1954 with cyanide.

The character is played by Benedict Cumberbatch ( Tv Show Sherlock ( very recommended, you must see it) , Star treck into Darkness and  The Hobbit  )

Alan’s Turing Team:

Alan is welcomed to Enigma alongside five others, including Peter Hilton, Joan Clarke, Hugh Alexander, Allan Leech

3-The labor team

  How does an Enigma machine work? :

Practical and complex. Every night at midnight, the Germans refresh the settings because they intercept their first message every single morning at 6am. Thus the code breakers only have 18 hours a day to crack the code before it changes; they must start from scratch every day. This means that there are possibilities and it will take 20 million years to try everything. Find out how they managed to crack it by watching the movie…

4- Turing's machine

My personal opinion about the movie:

Alan Turing saved 14 million lives and shortened the War World II of two years. I was shocked to see how the government treated him and that the legendery Wintson Churchill did not recognize his influence and major impact on History. Benedict Cumberbatch‘s work as mathematician codebreaker  is among the best of the years. This actor is clearly good at playing complex geniuses, first Sherlock and now him. Morten Tyldum couldn’t choose better than him . Benedict Cumberbatch offers us a complex, convincing character in a inhuman world of pessimistic people. The Imitation Game reflects the greatness of human achievement and the capabilities of the love in us all. The actors bring the writing to life which helps the director. The directing and editing of time periods is precise and helps us sympathize with Alan Turing and characters like him. The movie is a showcase for the talents of Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley( a very underrated actress in the entertaining industry) . It assembles an amazing cast of supporting characters. The film works on all levels , moving, entertaining,  and keeps us on tenterhooks from the very beginning to the last scene.

This is a biopic that respects and pays tribute to these characters by showcasing their achievements that have marked us all. This film is great because they took someone’s real life and made an entertaining movie out of it.



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