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Rock en Seine 2015

September 30, 2015

The 13th edition of Rock en Seine welcomed more than 120 000 people this year ! This is not very surprising thanks to all the great artists that were programmed. People had the chance to see very popular groups such as The Libertines, Kasabian or The Chemical Brothers but this edition was also an opportunity to discover talented singers like John Butler or Benjamin Clementine.

The festival started on 28th  August under the sun with an amazing show by John Butler Trio. John is a talented Australian musician who plays pop/folk music. He composes all of his songs, sings, plays the guitar and the banjo. He arrived at 5pm and did a performance that everyone can remember. His permanent smile and his kindness touched the public that asked for more at the end of every song. After 50 minutes of playing, he left the scene to allow Benjamin Clementine to start.

Benjamin Clementine was at the heart of the discussions. “Is Rock en Seine a good place for him ?” “Does his music correspond to the atmosphere of this festival ?”. Indeed, this ex homeless has been discovered this year with his first album called “At Least for Now”. Even though he has his own musical universe, his perfomance was a little bit long. All his songs seemed to be the same.

After him, the FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) brought back some energy and did a very pleasant show. Franz Ferdinand did his famous song “Take me Out” that every one enjoyed.

At 11pm arrived the headline of the first day : Kasabian. The British Band played their last album “48:13” while they were jumping and running evry where on the stage. Many fans in the front row went crazy for their delight.


The second day started with the Marina and the Diamonds’ show. It was her first show in a French festival and we can guess that this is not going to be the last ! The young girl has a very pop universe with planets and asteroids as scenery. It was really enjoyable to see all her energy !

After her, the Stereophonics began on the biggest stage with a pleasant show; however it didn’t strike people’s minds who were here to see The Libertines.

The next artist was Etienne Daho. Unfortunately for him there weren’t so many people. Some fans said that Rock en Seine wasn’t a place for him, he would have been better in a small concerthall.

And then, the headlist of the whole festival came. Pete Doherty’s group, The Libertines, fired Rock en Seine. Nevertheless, before the show started, every one was afraid or bet that Pete Doherty would be too high to perform. However, he seemed to be in good shape and did correctly the show with his friend Carl Barat. The two Englishmen sang for one hour and a half and offered to the fans one of their greatest recent shows!


For the last day, the festival-goers had the opportunity to discover the new band Jungle. Composed of two keyboard-headsingers and two singers-dancers, this band was one of the most dynamic of  all the festival. Even with the heatwave on our heads, they made us want to dance with them !

At 8pm, every one was waiting for the popular group, Tame Impala. The psychedelic Australian band did a show up to the level with their three albums. All the fans went crazy and some of them didn’t hesitate to cross the gate, trying to go on stage. Nonetheless, Tame Impala was one of the most relaxing gigs between Jungle or The Chemical Brothers.

Just before The Chemical Brothers we could hear Alt-J. Even though they were not playing on the biggest stage, the huge crowd was there. The Indie-rock band arrived with ambience lights that illustrate very well their type of music.

The 13th edition of the festival ended up with The Chemical Brothers. This techno group did a show that only deaf and blind people could afford. The music was so loud with the stroboscopic lights that it was almost unbearable in the front row. Indeed, many people fainted because of this…


However, this edition allowed to discover many groups and artists and I think that nobody can wait until August 2016 !

See you next year !


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  1. digitalmusicexpress permalink
    November 27, 2015 12:01 pm

    I’ve recently started up my new blog here on WordPress ( of which you might be interested in. It’s inspired by NME, working class and English bands; alongside the Manchester scene. Great read by the way:)x

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