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Weather Festival 2015

September 29, 2015

We are near  Paris, in Vincennes where  the third edition of the famous French techno festival, Weather festival is taking place this year.

The weather festival gathers many of the main DJs in the world in house music , techno or deep.

The weather festival was created and supported by the Concrete group including Adrien Betra, Aurelien Dubois and Brice Coudert. By creating Concrète in Paris, those men and women wanted to give Paris a brand new face and try to put it on an equal footing with Berlin which is considered  as the “Mecca” in the techno-sphere .

Concrete is happening once or twice a week in Paris on a barge on the Seine where people and music addicts are gathered to enjoy the music for more than ten hours; parties usually last from 10pm to 7am and on Sundays from 7am to 1am the next Monday.

We are on Friday 4th June in the evening, it is 10pm and I enter with some friends the festival which has begun since 6pm and the sun is going down on the Bois de Vincennes. The road is long you have to walk 25mn after going out of the subway but once arrived you totally forget that you walked a lot. The surprise is complete. I discover the four stages named autumn, winter , spring and summer. On these stages during the festival, the hotter the season, the groovyier the music is  and the colder the season, the harder the music is. For example, on the one hand you can listen to Motor City Drum Ensemble also called MCDE on the summer stage where the music is joyful and a bit disco and on the other hand on the Winter stage you can listen to Len faki who usually plays loud techno music.

It’s 10pm, my friends and I enter the Weather Festival. As is happens, the weather is hot and the sun is about to come down to give way to the night which will be long…


weather festival timetable

The night begins with MCDE on the summer stage from 11pm to aproximately 1am. The crowd is hot so is the music. The music matches techno and disco which sounds very joyful. I am at the first row near to the surrounding walls and I enjoy the music.

Here is an extract frpm the 2014’s edition

It’s 1pm and it’s time to move to another stage but , thanks to the organizers, Len Faki and Ben Klock are playing right at the same time. We decide to move to The autumn stage first where Ben Klock is playing his loud techno from 1pm to 4pm and then to the winter stage to see Len Faki.

We are once again in the first row near  the surrounding walls but this time the music is higher and the spotlights are moving everywhere and often right in our faces which is really impressive with the music so loud.

It’s 3pm and I am now blind and deaf but happy. We move to the winter stage to see Len Faki until 4pm. The music is loud the crowd is hot and the German dj plays his loud techno as usual. There is a screen behind him made of neons of different colours and we can see different shapes according to the music , I am just amazed.

We leave the winter stage and we go to the “dining room” where there are some food-trucks.

Once we have eaten, we wait for Jeff Mills who plays at the autumn stage from 6 to 8am like the Driver who plays at the same time on the winter stage. The sun is rising upon the Bois de Vincennes and the sound is still very loud.

At 7pm we are so tired that we decide to go back home after this long and beautiful night.

I really hope that I will make it again next summer.


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