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Before I die by Jenny Downham

September 22, 2015

During my summer holiday, I read a book entitled Before I die written by Jenny Downham. I want to talk about this book because I think that all the world deserve to know how a teen can feel when she knows that she is about to die. Also the way she talks about her imminent death is unsettling; nobody can feel what she experienced if he has not been under this time pressure.

Before I Die
This girl, who is only sixteen years old, knows that she doesn’t have all her life to realise her dreams or to find  real love for example.
This book can make us realize how lucky we are to be healthy, and that we have to enjoy fully our whole life.
In this book, the protagonist is called Tessa; she grew up with divorced parents suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a form of cancer  very active in her lungs which made it difficult for her to breathe correctly.

She has a brother Cal who is eleven years old and who doesn’t seem to realize the extent of the danger of his sister’s disease. He is always joking about it with sentences like “I’m gonna miss you” it does not seem to be a joke but it really is. You have to understand that he says that at a crucial moment so it makes it even sadder and more horrible for the reader.

Her bestfriend called Zoey will be her accomplice in her project to realize all she writes in a list before dying. She is really spontaneous and she will be an important support for Tessa.

Adam is her neighbour, it is a very important character and  I can’t explain to you why because I don’t want to spoil the entire book but just tempt you to read it.

Another really important fact  in this story is Tessa’s parents’ attitude because they have an opposite point of view about her disease. Her father is really desperate and wants to keep his daughter alive at any price. On the contrary, her mother knows about her daughter’s disease but she is not really involved in her life.

The fact that the book is written at the first person, makes us more involved in Tessa’s life; we can identify with this girl and we want her to do all she can to survive because she is a really  charming character.

To sum up, this book is a fight for living, in other words, a call to fulfill all your dreams in a reduced number of days. You really have to read this book because if you don’t do it you will miss a fabulous life lesson given by a sixteen-year-old girl.

To conclude, I would say that it’s a wonderful book, because it is full of different emotions and it makes us reflect on our life and  question ourselves.

Written by Sacha

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