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September 15, 2015

Hi there !

We are the new ones, the new Terminale L who are going to pursue the writing of this florishing blog.

This year, the group is formed mostly of girls, but we have got our very inspired lonely boy… Miss D explained to us that we were going to make you discover lots of new trends that we enjoy, admire, and even polemic topics of our daily life. We read the former articles and our group of 9 people was really inspired by them. Even though our predecessors wrote about many themes about our generation and hobbies, don’t worry, we have plenty of ideas and our imagination is limitless!

This year, the blog is going to make you travel between different countries and cultures, make you listen to psychedelic musics, visit lots of exhibitions, and make you see new or old movie references. And from time to time, why not a few good recipes!

Everything you read before is going to be boring, believe us! Our mind is fresh, our look is new and our writing is going to make you addict.

TL 2015-2016

Axelle and Maud


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