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Farewell article

June 21, 2015

Contrary to the USA, high school only lasts three years in France. Still, those years are a turning point for most of us. We keep on discovering who we truly are, we try to find out what to do in the future and live unforgettable experiences. I do not want to make a cheesy discourse about growing up, but being so close to finishing high school makes me think of how far we have come. Obviously, this is just a new beginning, but we leave many things behind us. Most of us are 17 or 18, and ending high school happens at the same time as obtaining our driver’s licence, going to college and becoming -officially- an adult. We are likely to obtain our baccalauréat in a few weeks, and that means we are ending a long chapter of our lives, as well as beginning a new one.

Only eight of us got to take part in the creation of this blog, but I think that this “Year of reviews” was representative of our teenage years: punctuated by many events, ecclectic, yet fun. This year was very important for all of us, and by writing our articles we often reflected on many things we chose not to tackle here. For instance, we were shocked by the terrorist attacks that took place in January and wanted to dedicate an article to them but ultimately we chose not to, because finding the words was, for one of the first times in our existences, out of our reach. We left our footprints on this blog for one year, and in a few months, a whole new team of Terminale L will take over. They probably won’t realize it straight away, but this last year of high school is going to be over in no time; and perhaps they are looking forward to going on a new adventure, but still I would like them to enjoy every minute. Only now that we are reaching the very end of our school years, I understand that I am going to miss them, even the simplest moments.

Mrs D., along with some other teachers, has been a great guide to help us progress in English obviously, but also as persons. Many of us succedeed and were accepted in the universities they dreamed of, but some others did not. To those who couldn’t fulfill their dreams yet, I want to remind that “Failure is the key to success”. I truly believe that with our strengths and hardwork, nothing will be impossible for the Class of 2015.

Last but not least, I want to thank Mrs.D and the other teachers who taught us so many valuable lessons. We will carry our newly acquired knowledge and our memories every step of the way.

TL spé 2015


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