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MTV’s Finding Carter

June 2, 2015

MTV has a long history in creating amazing TV shows, such as Teen mom, Pimp my ride,  Awkward, and more recently Teen Wolf.

A few weeks ago, I discovered their newest TV show, Finding Carter, thanks to a good friend of mine. Finding Carter is about a young woman, living a happy life with her cheerful mother Lori. Once, she spends the night with her friends on an old roundabout and ends up at the police station. Her friends are released but she is not, and when she is allowed to see an officer, she is told she was kidnapped by Lori when she was three and spent her whole life thinking she was her mother. This revelation means Carter has a real family: she meets them and has to live in their house. Obviously, she will bond easily with some members of the family and argue for a long time with others…. Surrounded by people looking at her like an extra terrestrial, boys chasing her, an introvert twin sister who discovers friends and parties thanks to her, Lori appearing at some random times and interactions with police, Carter has a busy new life.

finding carter 1

I could totally sum up the first season and a few things about the second (which is airing since March 31st) but I don’t want to spoil you, because you should really watch this TV show. The main actress, Kathryn Prescott, may look familiar: indeed, she played Emily Finch, a shy twin struggling to accept her homosexuality in the famous series Skins (in Skins UK, season 3 and 4). I was astonished by the way she speaks: she comes from England yet her American accent seems natural.

The series is based on a simple question: What does a family consist in?  Carter has two families and at the beginning she wants to flee so as to go back with Lori. Meanwhile she discovers Grant and Taylor, her siblings, and David, her father who wrote a book about her. Elizabeth is very strict, she never seems to laugh but she loves Carter unconditionally: she devoted 13 years of her life to her daughter’s kidnapping by becoming herself a police officer. However, the family has some issues: Taylor and Grant were raised very strictly whereas Carter was allowed to do everything she wanted by Lori, which means she will not conform to her true parents’ rules. Grant is often ignored, he believes he is “the replacement child” because he was born after Carter’s kidnapping and no one really pays attention to him. David (the father) became a successful writer thanks to his book about Carter’s disparition, and he wants to write another one telling how she came back home and tries to fit in. Elisabeth, Carter’s mother, cheats on her husband and never seems to smile or laugh (at the beginning) : her child being taken away from her made her bleak. Carter is a rebel, who skips class and spends her time partying : she is poles apart from her serious siblings and parents but they will all benefit from these differences in the end. Taylor is introvert, focuses on school and is very jealous of her popular sister at first. However, spending time with her twin helps her make friends and she meets Max. Soon, she becomes poles apart from the cheerful and serious teenager she used to be.

finding carter 2

Max is the only link Carter has with her old life: he is her ex-boyfriend and best friend. His family does not really care about him so he moves in with Carter and her new family. He gets along with everyone, but mostly Grant who is like a brother for him. Little by little he gets close to Taylor and they end up dating. Nevertheless, he faces many hardships which challenge his links with his new friends.

I am not going to spoil the plot by revealing it, but a thing I really enjoy about this TV show is that the writers manage to create new situations without being repetitive. It is very entertaining and you should definitely watch it next time you want to begin watching something original.




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