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Jeff Koons part 1

March 24, 2015

Jeff Koons at Pompidou.
First let’s come back on the controvertial artist’s career ! Jeffrey “Jeff” Koons was born on January 21st 1955 in York, Pennsylvania. His father was an interior decorator and his mother worked as a seamstress. He has always been interested in art, mostly by Salvador Dali that he admired so much he went to visit him at his hotel in New York.
Koons studied art and painting at The school of Art Institute of Chicago, soon after college he established himself in New York in the district of SoHo.
His first piece of art was the Equilibrium series, mainly focused on basketball with the use of a few Nike publicities and of basket balls floatting in salted water solution.

jeff koons Equilibrium

jeff koons Equilibrium 2

He started what we can call kitch art. He created sculptures representing inflatable toys that are extremely realistic. He manufactured the sculpures with stainless steel and was able to make them look straight like balloons.
Along the years he is mostly known for his kitch art that became scandalous when he created the “Made in Heaven” series with his ex-wife and porn-star Ilona Staller also known as La Cicciolina. The painting and sculpture reprensent the couple in more than subjective positions and set the couple in their intimacy.
Koons is famous for his taste of color, details, transformation. His most famous piece of art must be the balloon dog he made in 1994 and that is also one of the most expensive piece of art ever.
The exhibition at the Centre Pompidou is great; it exposes many different pictures and sculpures that represent different periods in Jeff Koons’s art such as the Inflatables, the Banality, the Gazing Ball and even the Celebration.
I recommend it to art lovers, curious people even kids !!

Jeff Koons Split Rocker

Jeff Koons Balloons

The pieces of art I preferred were the Split Rocker , and the Balloon Dog.

The exhibition takes place until April 27th 2015.


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