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IISuperwomanII, not a regular Youtube sensation

March 17, 2015

Lilly Singh, known as “IISuperwomanII” is a Youtube sensation. I’ve already tackled YouTube through some famous video-makers but I feel like Lilly deserves an entire article. There are several reasons why I absolutely like her.

lilly singh

First and foremost, she sheds light on “minorities”. Obviously, Lilly is a woman, but she does not talk about makeup or clothes or anything too “girly’. Her parents come from Punjab, in India, and her family is still quite traditional. In her videos, she often confronts her point of view, as an Indian woman, to what most people may experience. For instance, even though she does it through laughter, she makes many videos about forced marriages. She lives in Canada and has an Occidental way of life; however she manages to keep a link with her other country, India. It is a recurring theme because of the “lack of a female presence especially within the South Asian community” on the internet. She wants to raise awareness so as to reduce people’s misconceptions “There’s ignorance in every single community and I’m well aware of that; but I think because I’ve been more exposed to ignorance in the South Asian community – especially in relation to divorced or single mothers, abuse, racism and homophobia – it irritates me.”

lilly singh2

Another reason why she should be admired: she has a degree in psychology. It is very rare for Internet sensations to have attended university: another famous graduate, Tyler Oakley, is one of the most famous representatives of the LGBT community and obtained a degree from Michigan State University. Lilly’s videos are not didactic but sometimes she  uses psychology. For example, one of the videos I prefer is called “5 minutes of EPIC motivation” and, trust me, you’ll probably stop procrastinating right after watching it. You can really see she has knowledge, not because she brags about it, but because she uses it wisely through every single video she makes. She acts like a “girl next door”, she dresses very casually and doesn’t really watch her language but she is undoubtedly funny and clever. I really feel like she is an ideal role model for Asian girls -or whoever watches her- because she proves that life is not about what you have, but rather about what you do with what you have. To put it in a nutshell, she is truly inspiring.

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of factual reasons why it’s almost impossible not to like her:

1. She calls her community “Team Super”. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a team I’d like to be part of !

2. This community belongs to an imaginary place called “Unicorn Island”. What did I just say? It’s absolutely not imaginary. Unicorns exist.

3. Two of the things she prefers in life are food and sleep. I might have finally found someone who has the same opinion as me.

4. Lilly always portrays her parents as very strict yet they are the funniest characters she has ever played. She plays both of them, and is as great wearing a sari and glasses as she is with fake chest hair.

5. She knows many celebrities: Jay Sean, Connor Franta, Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig, Colleen Ballinger,…

6. She sheds light on communities who are under represented in the public eye.

7.  Lilly took part in the 2014 Youtube Rewind, alongside with the people who made 2014.

8. She manages to stay close to her fans: each month, the 14th ,she does an “Ask Superwoman Live”, which often lasts a few hours (!!!)

9. She has made a few music videos. She has a nice voice, but that’s not the most important thing about these videos: the lyrics of her songs are hilarious, such as: ” gonna clean my room, gonna take a broom, and a vacuum”. She made an entire song out of these sentences, and despite the appearances her freestyle makes it sound really good.

I could probably go on for a long time, but I’m not the best at showing you why watching her is worth it: she is. She once said “Many people can hurt others. There is no talent in that. True talent is being able to smile and take someone’s hurt away.” : this definition applies perfectly to Lilly.

Here is the link to her videos:


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