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A “Formidable” Concert ♫

January 14, 2015

On Saturday, November 29th I went to a concert of the  singer Stromae in Bercy, Paris, which is a famous multi-purpose room known for proposing shows such as one-man shows, concerts, …

Stromae is a Belgian singer and musician known for his eccentric songs and music videos.

My friends and I arrived 4 hours in advance in order to be the closest possible to the stage. We then had to wait, sitting on the ground, like most of the people who were already there. It was a cold afternoon and the sun must have felt like it wasn’t welcomed, because even with gloves and hats we were all freezing.

Just before the opening of the gates, half of my group ran out of the queue to buy something to eat so as not to die of hunger during the concert.

Before entering the hall we all had to show what was inside our bags, and had to throw away in the trash all the things that could be thrown and could hurt the artist, such as plastic bottle’s caps for example.

We were rewarded for our wait as we could almost touch the fence that was separating the crowd from the stage. We had to wait there standing up for another hour for the first part of the concert to begin.

When Stromae arrived on stage, music filled the room and we ended up squeezed between all the fans who wanted to see him better. He performed his most famous songs such as Formidable or Peace Or Violence ☮, but some of them were less known.

This concert was really great because the artist managed to keep the asthmosphere of his song, adding really well-done special effects. For most of his songs the audience sang with him.

Everybody was jumping, dancing and shouting, and we could feel the artist’s happiness to be on stage. We really felt like he gave us everything he had to give.

It was one of the last concerts he would perform for a long time, because of the really tiring tour he did, but seeing him another time in live is worth the wait for a new album.


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