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The Maze Runner

November 27, 2014

The Maze Runner is the first of three books by James Dashner. It was turned into a movie a few months ago; the cast is mainly composed of young actors who were used to having  second roles in other movies or TV shows. For instance, the main character, Thomas, is played by Dylan O’Brien who is known for being Stiles in the TV show Teen Wolf and taking part in The Internship with Owen Wilson. You may also recognize Thomas Brodie-Sangster, known for his roles as Jojen Reed in Game of Thrones and Sam in Love Actually.


I didn’t read the book but I really liked the movie. It is about a young man, Thomas, who wakes up in a strange elevator which leads to a grassy place called “the Glade”.  Other boys are there to welcome him; they try to reassure him as he has forgotten everything he knew (including his name, which he remembers some time later). He is told that he mustn’t cross the huge walls which surround the Glade bacause behind them there is a maze.

The Glade’s inhabitants have created a society: some are in charge of building, but the ones that interest Thomas are the runners. Each day, they cross the walls and try their luck at finding the maze’s exit, but they have to be fast as the walls close every night and no one ever survived to a night in the maze. After facing a lot of problems, such as getting along with some of the boys, Thomas decides to transgress the rules and goes into the maze to save one of the boys… at night. They struggle against strange creatures but eventually succeed in surviving: it is the first time ever such an event happens. I obviously won’t tell you the whole plot, but at the end, Thomas and some  of his friends have to face  a whole new world, tougher than everything they have ever known. I am not able to tell you anyhting about these hardships as they will be part of the second (which is currently been shot) and the third movie.

The Maze Runner is, as Hunger Games and Divergent among others, a dystopia: it shows a torn world, the opposite of a utopia. Most of the time, it is due to political issues or environnemental disasters. In this story, it actually comes from a severe disease touching the human race.

I really enjoyed this movie ( I admit  it has a lot  to do with the main actor…) and it even made me want to read the books. The plot is not easy to understand but it is worth it and I thought that even though it was a blockbuster based on a dystopia, the Maze Runner is one of its kind. The landscapes are amazing and I believe the 3D effects have been done really well.


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