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The Snowpiercer

November 26, 2014

The snowpiercer is a French-Korean-American sci-fi  movie released in 2013, written and realized by Bong Joon-Ho. This movie is inspired by the French comic ” Le Transperceneige”. The movie deals with the notions of escape, humanity and ecology.

snowpiercer poster

In 2014, an attempt of geography-engineering against the global warming cooled everything on the surface of the earth, precluding the developement of all the living beings. In 2031, the only surviving people are forced to live in a train which drives continually and which won’t stop anymore.

On this train, each social class is represented and inequalities which existed out of the train still exist inside : Poor people live in the last car and they have to undergo the lack and the unhealthy living conditions, whereas rich people live a luxurious life in the first car. The “master” of the train is Wilford, he built the machine when the disaster began.

Snowpiercer lowerclass

snowpiercer upperclass

The main character is Curtis, who will plan a revolt against the elite and wants to take possession of the train. In the same car, there is Gilliam who is an old man, very respected. Indeed, at the beginning of this big trip; he saved a baby from a group of persons (including Curtis) who wanted to eat him because of starvation. He gave his own arm in exchange for the baby. This baby became Edgar, who is Curtis’s friend and who is going to assist him with his revolt project. Curtis will be helped by an anonymous person, of superior cars, who sends him messages.

The first step of their mission is to free Namgoong Minsu (the designer of the security system of the train) and his daughter Yona, who were imprisoned. Gradually, they progress but a lot of rebels die during this progression. At the end of the movie, when Curtis arrives at  the end of the train, he finally meets Wilford. During their meeting, Curtis will learn about the truth. Indeed, the anonymous person is Wilford himself, who is in cahoots with Gilliam. Moreover, Wilford is, in fact, at the origin of the revolution. His aim is simple : he wants to reduce the number of inhabitants (by 73% exactly) aboard the train, to save up the supplies. He perfectly knows that this revolt is going to cause deaths. During the meeting between Curtis and Wilford, Yona manages to blow up one door. Almost all the train is destroyed, but Yona and a little boy survive and when they see a polar bear, they understand that  life is still possible on the earth.

This beautiful story is relevant and deals with the principal concerns of today’s world. Humanity, environment, social inequalities, all those subjects are, nowadays, at the core of  most world debates, and thus this movie help raise the viewers’ awareness.



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