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Getting to know Malta

November 5, 2014

Malta is a small archipelago situated  in the South of Italy. It has two official languages: Maltese and English, as Malta belonged to the British Empire from 1814 to 1964. Nowadaws, Malta is the perfect destination for  young people who want to learn English during their holidays: indeed, this archipelago has many advantages; to begin with, English is spoken by its inhabitants. Also,  its geographic situation gives it  hot weather as well as the Italian gastronomy which attracts those who are not fond of English food. The archipelago consists in three islands: Malta (the largest one, which is also the cultural and commercial centre), Gozo and Comino.

Malta map

I went there when I was 14 years old, in order to study English while enjoying summer. Something there struck me:  Malta totally changes once the night comes. Due to its visitors (mostly students during summer), there are tons of nightclubs and bars: they surround the island.The capital of Malta, Valletta, is a great city for shopping. I stayed in a village called Qawra, 15 kilometers away from Valletta: I was lucky enough to attend a carnival which took place there. I hadn’t heard about it, but one night I came out and was all of a sudden was surrounded by huge and colorful floats. There were dancing companies, art exhibitions in the streets,… The carnival  is held only once a year during July or August, and Maltese people as well as tourists are fond of it. I felt like it was a kind of Halloween in the middle of summer, with mostly young students taking part in it and in a dream place: I really enjoyed it.

In spite of its important festive side, Malta has many cultural sights. For instance, I visited a medieval town called Mdina: it is an important sight concerning christianism in Malta as St Paul is said to have lived there. It has had various names, including  “Silent City” because it only has 300 inhabitants and “Citta Notabile”, which means the noble city: many noble families lived there from the 12th century which explains the number of  impressive palaces we can see in Mdina. Indeed, Mdina has many cultural and religious treasures and is known for its outstanding landscapes at night, when lights are turned on all around the town. Another renowned town is Rabat, which was part of the Roman city of Melita. Nowadays, we can visit its catacombs, the Roman Villa and some monasteries.

Mdina by Night

The second island I went to is Gozo: it is more rural than Malta and is the perfect island for long and peaceful hikes. I thought this place was breathtaking and really relaxing.

The place I enjoyed the most  is Comino. This tiny island (3.5 kilometers) is car-free and there are no inhabitants there. What is more, its main attraction is the blue lagoon. I have never seen such a blue and transparent water: when I was there I felt as if I were part of a postcard. I went snorkelling in there but some of my friends went water-skiing: many activities are available, and we didn’t have enough time to try them all! Comino is an outstanding place, but it is only filled with tourists. It is overcrowded which leads me to think it is not likely to stay as amazing as it is for a long time, due to the pollution brought by tourists.


To conclude, my stay in Malta will remain a great memory. I feel like it is a perfect place for a vacation: you can learn or practice English if it is not your Mother tongue, party all night long, visit some interesting sights and just enjoy a dream-like atmosphere. I would really advise you to go there, but you have to bear in mind that the three islands are crowded and touristy places, which may not attract everybody.


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