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Desperate housewives

October 15, 2014


Desperate housewives is an American series directed by Marc Cherry and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry productions.

The story takes place in Wisteria Lane, a street of a fictional American town “Fairview” in the “Eagle state”. The whole series is seen through the eyes of Marie-Alice Young, a woman of the  neighbourhood. In the pilot episode, the latter introduces herself, then she commits suicide with a gun. The show follows the daily life of  the main characters  : Bree, Gabrielle, Susan and Lynette. The four are related because all of them are  suspicious and shocked by the sudden and unexpected suicide of their neighbour and friend.

In the second season, a new neighbour appears in Wisteria Lane : Betty Applewhite. She becomes the center of the mystery with her two sons ; Matthew and Caleb. Gabrielle Solis starts thinking about having a child and is faithful to Carlos. Susan has to face her ex-husband every day as he got engaged to Edie. Bree’s life is very rough : she has a big problem with alcohol, she is dating the man who tried to poison her husband, and on top of that she isn’t getting on well  with her son Andrew. Tom Scavo stays at home to be with the children whereas Lynette is getting back to work as she is tired of being at home the whole day.

In the third season, the main mystery is about a new character named Orson Hodge who got married to Bree; his past is very dark and mysterious. At the Scavo house, things are taut as Lynette discovers that he has a daughter.The latter moves in their house. Tom wants to open a pizzeria while his wife is against that idea. Mike has been run over by Orson and is getting out of a coma and he suffers from amnesia. Susan is desperate. Gabrielle and Carlos get divorced. We learn that the old neighbour Karen McCluskey hides something in her freezer. This season ends with the murder of two characters at the local grocery store…

In the fourth season, a new character moves or returns to Wisteria Lane as she has already lived there : Katherine Mayfair with her family. Gabrielle is having an affair with her ex-husband Carlos. Bree’s daughter is pregnant, so to cover the blame she fakes a pregnancy and sends her child out of town. Lynette learns that she has  cancer and decides to tell her friends about this. Lee and Bob are a new gay couple in the street. Something unexpected comes to Wisteria Lane which will change their lives forever : a tornado.

The fifth season starts with the apparition of Dave Williams, Edie’s new husband. He came here to get revenge on Mike as we learn later that the latter accidentally killed in a car accident his wife and daughter. In fact, Susan was driving but Mike took the responsibility on him.Gabrielle is desperate as she has to take care of a blind husband and two daughters. On top of that she is in a financial crisis. Edie dies in a car crash.

In the sixth season, the mystery is around new Italian neighbours : the Bolens. In this part, Gabrielle welcomes Carlos’s niece : Ana Solis. On her side, Bree is having an affair with Karl (Susan’s ex) but at the end he dies in a plane crash which makes Orson a disabled person.


The seventh season is showing Paul’s come back in the street with a new wife and a plan to punish all his ex-neighbours. Gabrielle and Carlos learn that one of their daughters was changed at birth. Susan and Mike are in money troubles so she is forced to do a job she would never imagine.

The eighth and final season is about Gabrielle’s perverted step-father who will unify all the ‘desperate housewives’ because of a secret they will share…

Why I liked it

I really liked the series because all the characters are endearing, we can see their transformations throughout the years and on top of that the suspense is maintained all the series long. My favourite season was the last one because of its plot.

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