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Famous English speaking Youtubers

October 11, 2014

Today, I have decided to tackle a subject many teenagers are fond of : YouTube. More precisely, I want to talk about some famous youtubers you may or may not know yet. Each YouTuber (this is how people who frequently make videos are called) is specialized in a theme: video games, humor, beauty, DIY (do it yourself),… Every country has its most renowned  youtubers: even though I am keen on watching French videos, this article will be about English speaking  people.

I couldn’t have begun with someone else: Pew Die Pie is the most watched youtuber in the world. He was born in Sweden but now he  lives in England. He tries video games and comments on them. I haven’t watched many of his videos as I am not really fond of videogames but as far as I’m concerned he is very entertaining and  funny.


 I often spend hours online, just checking social networks and doing nothing productive. Even though they are often silly, funny videos always brighten my day and when I watch English ones I have the excuse of being listening to a foreign language, which helps me deal with conscience issues. Anyway, one youtuber who makes me laugh a lot is Connor Franta. He is a 21-year-old American who makes funny videos each week. His slogan is “Making Mondays a little more Frantastic” because obviously his videos come out each Monday . He is known for his personal videos but also for joining a group called “Our 2nd Life” which also makes videos about various subjects. One video I really enjoyed was “Birtish vs America: How we do it” : with the help of one of his British friends, Marcus Butler, he compares his American point of view to his friend’s ideas about the same subjects. They argue about driving on the left or on the right side of the car, drinking tea or getting coffee at Starbucks,… This video obviously made me laugh but it also taught me which stereotypes exist between England and the United States.


Connor’s friend, Marcus, has his own channel and also releases funny  videos  about a wide range of subjects. One of the videos I enjoyed the most was: “Things I don’t understand about girls”, and I recognized myself in many situations he talked about.

YouTube is a community where people who make videos meet each other and can become friends. This is what happened to Marcus and Zoe (known as Zoella) who are both among the most famous English youtubers. Zoella, although she is quite funny, makes “girly” videos. She does makeup tutorials, talks about clothes and often vlogs. A “vlog” is a video blog and is useful  for Internet Stars to share their personal  lives and their tastes with their subscribers. Zoella vlogs a lot, and she notably made a useful video about her anxiety issues. She has a brother, Joe, who also has a YouTube channel : “ThatcherJoe”. He does hilarious impressions and pranks his fellow YouTubers. He is one of my all time favourite YouTubers.


On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, there are talented beauty youtubers too. Let’s take the example of Bethany Mota: she is 18 and has become a true star thanks to her videos which tackle makeup, style, and DIY’s. Recently, she confessed that she used to be bullied so much that she had to start homeschooling. This is far behind her: now, she has her own clothing line at Aeropostale (a famous Amercian clothing brand), as well as a decoration line and a perfume. Moreover, a few weeks ago, she started performing  in “Dancing with the Stars”  (obviously as the “Star”) which shows the influence of her YouTube videos.

bethany mota

Last but not least,I often check on Michelle Phan’s channel. She is, according to me, the most talented makeup artist on YouTube:I think  the looks she creates cannot always be worn in real life but they are truly breathtaking. Some of her videos tackle the well-being through themes like self-confidence. She has various talents and uses her influence to help charity.


A new phenomenon is appearing little by little on the internet: a few YouTubers have channels dedicated to reading: they read and tell what they think about  books, and help people discover stories they would not have heard of otherwise. A channel I am fond of is “vlog brothers” : the author of the best seller  The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, and his brother Hank react to books they have read. Not only are their reviews interesting, but they are also really funny.

I used to think that spending hours on the internet was pointless, but it helped me discover things I would not have heard of otherwise,  so I guess I will keep on “wasting my time'”!


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