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The two faces of Ibiza

October 10, 2014

Everyone knows Ibiza, this little island situated at the north of Africa, in the Mediterranean Sea. But a lot of people don’t know the “two faces” of Ibiza. What comes to  mind are nightclubs, tattoos, electro  music in excess, naked girls on the beach and drugs. I discovered, 2 years ago and this summer for the second time, the second face of this island, a beautiful face.

At the core of Ibiza, you can see some beautiful and natural landscapes. The first village I visited is Santa Gertrudis. This beautiful local hamlet  is situated at the center of Ibiza and looks like the perfect Spanish place. Little white houses, one typical church on the only square of the village, few restaurants where people like to chill out at the end of a perfect day, in front of a beautiful sunset. At the end of the day,my parents, my brothers and I ate some delicious and fresh dishes, made by my father, in the garden of the house, surrounded by the nature.

ibiza 2

The second week of my trip in Ibiza, I was in San Joan, in a typical house, completly lost in the moutains ( we had to cross the moutain for thirty minutes to go back to our house…). Each afternoon, we went to a different beach. The one which left its mark on my mind is Cala Salada. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Water is transparent and turquoise, to the point where we could see a lot of superb coloured fishes. There are huge cliffs of rock which flowed in the water and the sun never disappeared. In Ibiza, a lot of beaches could be considered as “historical places” because in the 60’s, hippies and celebrities gathered to enjoy life.


The third (and last ) week of my trip, I was in the south of the island, in Eivissa. This part of the island perfectly corresponds to the common idea of Ibiza. Techno music everywhere, huge boats  with people partying, men and women selling some nightclub tickets in the street. But even this “face” of Ibiza can welcome a family: I was with my parents, my little brothers, my grand parents, my cousins etc… I went to the most known nightclub of Ibiza : The Amnesia.


It was very funy because my cousin and I were with our parents but they left the Amnesia at 3:00am (it is hard to grow old). This week was a bit more exhausting but it was, again, a beautiful trip which left me a lot of  beautiful memories.


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