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Cara Delevingne and her Mulberry’s bags collection

October 7, 2014

The well-known model Cara Delevingne aged  22 years old has recently created a very original collection of removable bags for Mulberry.

Mulberry is a fashion company founded in England in 1971, known internationally for its leather goods, in particular women’s handbags. The company was founded in 1971 by Roger Saul and his mother Joan. In 1973 they opened a factory in England. Mulberry established itself as a British lifestyle brand, famed for its leather bags. The director of the company is Godfrey Davis who succeeded  the Frenchman Bruno Guillon on March 21 2014.

Cara Delevingne has been the muse of the brand since 2013, she has a good feeling with people  working  for Mulberry.


She has worked closely with Mulberry’s design team to create the collection of bags. The Mulberry Cara Delevingne Collection comprises three-in-one style bags that transform to suit the user’s need. It is a new vision of the bag, a revolution for women which reconciles their careers and their private lives. The active woman has finally found her life’s partner ! It can be worn on the back for running from the gym to the office, from meeting to meeting or even from train to plane. It can also be worn on the shoulder to take from work to dinner or from town to country. Lastly the bag can  also be hand-held for a maximum of elegance at all times.

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Mulberry and Cara offer to the fair sex an ample choice of bags in every way : the collection includes different colors of bags like blue indigo, green, black, burgundy, taupe and camouflage pattern. So very colourful and elegant bags with autumnal hues. They offer also to the female public different sizes : small, normal and large bags according to the wishes of the clientele.

Mulberry has released a video following Cara‘s journey to create her collection. We can see that Cara was very involved in the design process, we see her sitting in front of a sewing machine at Mulberry‘s flagship factory in Somerset. Cara talks about her inspiration for the collection, she said that above all bags “need to match your lifestyle”. Moreover she said : “I grew into fashion and it became part of my life. At school my friends had handbags and I always used mine more like a sack and it had holes in it, it was never good, never practical. When I got my first Mulberry handbag it worked but I needed more practicality”. She explains that she needed a bag for all her different hobbies. She has created the perfect holdall bag  for daily life and for all women in the world.

You can find the Cara Delevingne bags in this website :


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