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Grand Corps Malade

April 3, 2014

Have you ever heard of a 1.95-meter man writing poetic lyrics? That is actually one of the reasons that makes me love the artist I’m going to talk  about.


Fabien Marsaud, known as Grand Corps Malade is a French slam singer. He was born in 1977 and started to write very quickly texts and poems he was ashamed of. That’s why  he never talked about them to anyone. Later, he wanted to become a sports teacher but had a terrible accident and was doomed to be handicapped for the rest of his life. After being forced to work in an office, he integrated a music band and became a supporter of the slam stages. He strode along them to share his texts a cappella and won his first slam tournaments. During the following years, the stage became his favourite playground.

Through his rich lyrics, he deals with society problems differently. He actually uses poetry to play down topics that are usually polemical and gross. Thanks to that, he grants himself a great liberty of expression and achieves to strike his fans. He talks about all kinds of rejection within society, love, friendship, money, death by using irony and poetic metaphors. He makes us travel, escape, dream and gives us the time to reflect without being moralizing. His delicacy and imposing voice is paradoxical but indisputably pleasurable.


Since he grew up in a ghetto, he rubbed shoulders with poverty and injustice. Thus, he masters the subjects he is talking about and his judgement does not seem out of place. By using irony and sometimes humour, he makes his songs pleasant but also gets involved in a worthy cause. He shows that, sometimes, words can be a therapy and even tend towards changing the world thanks to their deep meaning. I admire this man for keeping his humility and magnanimity.

 To discover this artist, I advise you to listen to his album entitled Enfant de la ville which encapsulates all the major themes he likes to tackle.


Manon F.

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