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Anti-Prostitution Campaign in Amsterdam

March 27, 2014

Amsterdam, capital of Netherlands is not only known for coffee shops and Red Light District but also for being a platform of women’s trafficking.

In the Nertherlands, 33% of the prostitutes come from countries outside of the European Union. It increases to 50% in the larger cities. Since 1990, the number of trafficked women from Central and Eastern Europe countries has tripled.

To denounce it, the association Stop The Traffik and the German agency Duval Guillaume, have realized a campaign to struggle against human trafficking and sexual exploitation, which have left an indelible print in men’s minds.

stop the traffik

As many nights in De Wallen, one of the reddest districts of Amsterdam, men came to see women in underwear, showing their charms in window displays.

But one night, the show was different. One prostitute behind the window started shivering, leading three others to the top of the building. This show gathered a crowd of passers-by, who  warmly applauded their performance. But awkwardness appeared afterwards, when this message appeared on a  black screen:


“Every year, thousands of women are promised a dance career in Western Europe,

Sadly they end up here”.

stop the traffik 2

Personally I find those fake promises revolting as they trap helpless women into prostitution where they lose their self-esteem and pride. How can we let such degrading exploitation take place in the 21st century? What are we waiting for to react?


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