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Theo Gosselin

January 17, 2014

“Just my life, my friends, the world is going on around me. I’m just trying to show that finally happiness and real beauty are  just before our eyes …and not in things often unattainable. I’m just a student who took pictures of his friends, his travels. ” Theo Gosselin, January 2011.

Theo became interested in the image while filming his first video with his group of friends. Enrolled in audiovisual section in school, he is interested in the skate culture and punk music, but thinks more and more about photography,  more accessible and immediate than the cinema. Walking in brownfields, he discovers an untapped universe of sets that his band with “crazy charisma” and himself will appropriate bit by bit.  “Over time, I  made progress while continuing to do the same thing but with a more artistic touch. This allowed me to simply create memories. “


Once graduated, he joined a contest: the Amiens Art Déco in Picardy. This was a radical change that opened the door to a new world and new meeting perspectives.  From all over France, his friends initiated him into their passion for travelling, a passion he will not let go of.

In summer 2012, Théo Gosselin organized a road trip in the United States for a project entitled “Precious Gift”. “I went with 3 friends and 3 Nikon D800 for a 3-month trip to the United States. On the spot, we rented a mini-van and we left for the West.” Social networks, in which Theo was discovered through his ​​blog and Facebook page, helped them to meet people along the way. “All along the way, people were contacting us to meet us or accommodate us. Humanly, it was an incredible journey: young, old, squatters, academics, hippies … “.The five travelers photographed and filmed everything they saw for a length film. “We filmed one month then photographed two months on the west coast. In total, it represents 22,000 miles traveled roads! “.

Theo says that he owes his pictures to  people he met, at the moment he saw them. Everyone can take the same pictures but these moments are his. He creates around him the drama that he captures : there’s no staging, no preparations. He willingly accepts the randomness of meetings and prohibits self-censorship.

We often find in his pictures a recurring element : the use of blacklight. “The biggest tragedy in my life is not getting up early to see the sunrise.  I love these beautiful lights, the ecstasy that can provide the simple act of sitting in front of the sun. My fight is to render the sun as beautiful as we see it with our eyes. ”

A concentrate of energy, a flood of emotions, the poetry of the ephemeral : Theo captures all this with his style, one of a permanent reporter who is interested in everything and always surrounded by his loyal friends.  This is the notion of sharing that seems to be the key to all his work: “My desire is to tell stories, meet, share photos, experiences. “.

It is fortuitously  that Theo started photography and began with a Nikon camera inherited from his uncle, the Nikon D700. Concerning the lens,  the choice of Theo is relatively simple, three fixed focal wide-angle: the f/2.8 24mm, 35mm f / 2 f/1.4 and 50mm.He uses the maximum aperture of his lens most of the time.


Silver photo is a new step for Theo. Belonging to the digital generation, he appreciates the additional thought that it is necessary to have when a film is used as a support for his photos.

Theo works or has worked for several brands in fashion, the large consumption or luxury. He refuses point blank to submit to all the requirements of his sponsors,  it’s important to keep the spirit of his photos. Models he photographs are not dummies but friends.
“Involving my friends in my projects allows us to spend a good time and earn money to restart traveling! All the photos I publish on my blog are pictures of my life, my friends, my girlfriends and eventually my meetings. Brands can buy pictures that are already made ​​but that had no commercial intent at the time when I took them. “


“My photos are appreciated because they give a sense of freedom, a return to nature, perhaps because it shows a fantasized youth. Photography allows to imagine lots of things and I leave the possibility to dream watching my photos. “

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