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Under The Dome

January 16, 2014

Under the Dome is an American science fiction TV series that premiered on 31st October in France. It is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Stephen King, published in 2009. CBS renewed Under the Dome for a 13-episode second season to air in the summer of 2014 (in the US), with Stephen King writing the premiere episode.

Under The Dome tells the story of the people living in the small town of Chester’s Mill in Maine. Someday a kind of dome appears and cuts them off from the rest of the world. The dome is massive, transparent, indestructible but somehow, 4 kids have the power to interract with it; it seems like they are connected to the dome. But living under this dome prevents anyone from having any Internet access, mobile signals and limited radio communication. If you’re trapped inside you must find your own ways to survive and as time goes by tensions are increasing between the people of Chester’s Mill. While military forces, the government and the media positioned outside of this surrounding barrier attempt to break it down, with a bomb for instance, a small group of people inside tries to figure out what the dome is, where it came from, and when (and if) it will go away.

The main characters are Dale “Barbie” Barbara, the (very) handsome army veteran trapped inside while he was just passing through the town, Julia Shumway, a journalist whom he will fall in love with. The problem is: Barbie killed Julia’s husband whom she thinks is just outside the dome. That’s quite an important couple issue. Then we have the Rennie family, composed of “Big Jim” the town councilor who wants to take control of the town to hide his dark secrets by killing a few people, and Junior, who locked up his girlfriend Angie McAlister whom he declared as mentally affected by the dome when she broke up with him; such a nice family. But there are actually some decent people living under the dome. Linda Esquivel, the new sheriff, Joe McAlister (Angie’s brother) or Norrie a teenage girl from L.A who was just passing through the town with her 2 mothers.
Halfway through season 1, we discover that a mini dome is located in the forest and has supernatural powers. They think that the mini dome controls the big one and that if they destroy it they will also destroy the big dome and be free. Four kids can control it and see things that will tell them what to do, who will die, or who they have to kill. Whenever something goes wrong with them, the dome gets angry and weird things happen such as tornadoes. Under the mini dome, stands an egg, a black egg that changes color and seems to have supernatural powers; quite mysterious.
The series is a huge success in the USA and in France because it is a social analysis of the human behavior. We get to see how people are ready to do anything to survive. They steal at the local market, do trafficking, and kill people for their own surivival. It shows that human nature can sometimes be cruel and selfish. That’s why people watch this show; they want to see how far can a person go to save his own life, they also watch to analyse everyone’s behaviour and to identify with one of the characters.



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