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December 14, 2013


“Dexter” is an American television drama series composed of 96 episodes which describes the life of Dexter Morgan, a blood splatter analyst for Miami Metro Police and especially a serial killer. During all the series he will demonstrate his capacity to escape the police.

Dexter Morgan

When Dexter was a child, a police officer, Harry Morgan, found him in a container port, he was covered in his mother’s blood, who was killed by drug traffickers with a chainsaw. The police officer decided to protect the child and adopt him. Later, he discovered that Dexter did not have feelings only when he killed animals, first step to being  a psychopath. He decided to give him a sort of code: Dexter should only kill criminals.

Afterward, we discover Dexter as a member of the Miami Metro Police, who alternates his life as police officer and as a psychopath while respecting his father’s code.


Debra Morgan

Debra is Dexter’s sister, and the biological daughter of Harry Morgan. She is very close to Dexter and like him, she works in Miami Metro Police as an inspector. Although she sees him everyday, she doesn’t know Dexter’s secret.


During all the series we follow Dexter in his life, his thoughts, whereby the viewer is close to or connected with this man’s strangeness. He becomes increasingly touching and entertaining despite the fact that he is a killer. The viewer can enjoy the twists which take place in his head in an atmosphere which is as tense as it is bloody.


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