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La Fiac

December 5, 2013

La fiac, “Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain”, is a project created in 1973 in Paris. The exibition takes place in the Grand Palais (next to the Champs Elysées). It is a concept which gathers galleries from all over the world and mainly from Paris, London, New-York, Asia and Golf countries. It is interesting because it gives an international point of view of what art looks like and how it  is represented. We can notice that the artists’ work is sometimes very different or can be very similiar.

fiacgd palais

This year it was the Fiac’s 40th anniversary and it was a great success! Indeed, the exibition lasted 3 days and 73 550 persons came to visit it. Moreover, the art dealers were very pleased and satisfied with the organisation and the selling of pieces of art. The exibition was spread all over the Grand Palais, the Champs Elysées with the design spaces, and outside with some sculptures displayed in the garden or in the fountains. Everybody could simply walk by and enjoy the placement and the crowded but nice atmosphere.

Welcome Parade de Jean Dubuffet                         Welcome parade by Jean Buffet

As far as I’m concerned, I think some pieces of art were breathtaking in so far as some were gigantic or very realistic. For example, I was impressed by the big iron tree created by Ai Weiwei. Morever, we could notice a recurrent pattern between the works. Indeed, the use of mirrors was found in numerous sculptures like Anish Kapoor’s ones or photographs such as Le désepéré byPierre and Gilles. Personally, I found it interesting and nice because the matter was elaborate. Furthermore, it aroused a reflection for it created a link between the viewer and the piece of art, as if the artists wanted us to take part in their work.

-Le désespéré by Pierre et Gilles

Eventually, I enjoyed going to the Fiac this year. Indeed, the works were varied and colorful. For once, most of it was optimistic even if some were shocking and disconcerting. However, it seems like the Fiac is more and more considered in an economic and financial way. Indeed, the journalist or gallerists concentrated on how good  the sales were. For me, Art shouldn’t be evoked as a the “art market”. It is, above all else, a personal conception of beauty and inspiration.

biblihotèque végétaleBibilothèque végétale


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