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Charlotte Abramow

November 15, 2013

Charlotte Abramow

Today I want to talk to you about my favorite amateur photographer, Charlotte Abramow, a young Belgian who is  passionate about photography.

She has been fond of photography since she was thirteen and she began to pratice this art in her garden a summer day when she was bored, performing some macros of flowers, that is to say an extreme close-up, but also kittens pictures. Today it is still a theme that she tackles. It is especially her mother who gave  her the taste for  this hobby: at that time, she only did silver pictures. For Charlotte, a camera has always been a familiar object.

The girl is interested in fashion photography or portraits. She majority takes women. Charlotte says that for her, there isn’t really  a criterion to be her model, she works a lot with girls who don’t work for a modeling agency; she began to take her friends. Some of her models are also found on Facebook, from mutual friends or even in the street. Charlotte calls her models by the very lyric name “muse”, because she loves working with them several times. According to the girl, a real relationship exists between the photographer and the model : not only does she take the picture of someone but she also wants to know and understand the person to take the most beautiful  picture possible of her. She had this contact with only four or five girls, but it is with her that she takes her nicest pictures. For Charlotte, a muse is someone who really inspires her and with whom she gets along well, to share more than a shooting. It is a girl that she can’t take  her eyes off.

Today Charlotte is eighteen, but she became famous thanks to Facebook around fifteen. When we ask her what she will do in five years, she answers that she wishes to become a fashion photographer to tell her stories through her pictures, live in Paris but also meet a lot of people. Thanks to photography, she met Mark Daumail, the producer of her favorite music band, Cocoon. She  could thus realize his disc jacket. She  could also photograph Paolo Roversi, her favorite photographer, Maxime Musqua, a humorist, and Solweig Lislow, a famous Belgian model and weather presenter on Canal+.

Moreover, the young girl realized several covers or editorials of the fashion magazine Elle Belgique, represented various clothing brands and worked for a Belgian organization against women harrassment and insults.

Charlotte is very interested in three themes in photography: women condition, identity (particularly about the duality with twins) and  childhood nostalgia, a theme she is experiencing herself as a young adult.

 When we ask Charlotte which advice she would give to young fans of photography, she answers: “be yourself”. Pictures have to represent our own world and imagination, coming from our dreams and nightmares. When Charlotte is taking her pictures, she imagines her life as a movie and thus idealizes or caricatures the reality.


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