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FAUVE, this new philosophy

November 7, 2013

FAUVE, or also called CORP, is a French music band composed of 5 members, related by the same conception of  society, life and people.


Everything started in 2010 with the song “Sainte Anne”. Today, it counts 8 million fans on their facebook page and a lot of downloading on I-tunes. Their conception of society is even starting to swamp the net as well as the press.

Why? That’s easy. First, because they are young friends trying to escape from this dull society. Then, because they reveal a brand new philosophy corresponding to the surrounding despair and bleakness. And, quite simply, because they succeed in understanding how we feel now.

That’s why the lyrics are kind of “rough” and crude. They convey a feeling of rush. We could say that it is a way of illustrating the lack of communication added to the desire to talk and be understood. Moreover, FAUVE is really original because they don’t sing, they use “spoken words”, plus the lyrics are in French. That is to say that they don’t try to be commercial : they are authentic. To me, it’s important that a music band seems real and tries to create a link with the others. Unfortunately, music is nowadays considered as a way of being successful. It is not  used anymore to express ourselves and address our feelings to the listeners.

However, FAUVE is not only a band, but it is also “a way of thinking”. They want to gather more and more people from different social classes or style. Hence they insist on the fact that everybody is welcome to be part of FAUVE.


Even if their songs are a bit dark, they are desesperatly optimistic. It conveys a feeling of hope. In fact, for FAUVE, love is the only way to save our weird society.







As far as I’m concerned,  really like listenning to the song “Blizzard”. But don’t look at the clip at the same time! Try to create your own vision of the song, you have to adapt the melody to your feelings. It must be personnal to be more meaningful!


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