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A quirky street art exhibition

November 7, 2013

Currently, the biggest street-art exhibition of the world is taking place in Paris, in the 13th arrondissement.
However, works aren’t displayed in a usual gallery. Indeed, a former council flat is to be destroyed early next year and the art dealer Mehdi Ben Cheikh had the brilliant idea to exhibit there.


While awaiting the tower’s demolition, many artists from all over the world came to participate in this giant piece of art. From October 1 to 31, you can freely visit the 9-storey high “gallery”.

According to the organizers, it’s the biggest exhibition ever carried out around street-art. Almost 80 artists coming from 16 countries invaded the Tour Paris 13 and its 36 flats. They all worked for free and none of their paintings are for sale.

Tour Paris 13 (5)

“This project stands for ephemeral nature of street art” explains Mehdi Ben Cheikh “Art is inspired by and for the street, where it can’t stay eternally ; it’s an extraordinary power”. Many young artists, not necessarily knowing each other, met in the tour and developed relationships while sharing their techniques.

Visitors are invited to take a walk in this building from Thursday to Sunday, from 12 am to 8 pm ; otherwise, you can take a look at the website of the project :

Tour Paris 13 (1)

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