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Now you see me

October 10, 2013

Now You See Me PosterI would like to present you the last movie I saw and I really loved : “Now You See Me” an American movie called “Insaisissables” in French.

Now You See Me is an French-American thriller directed by Louis Letterier and created in 2013. Louis Letterier is a French director, producer and actor. This movie is the story of four magicians : Daniel Atlas an illusionist played by Jesse Eisenberg, Henley Reeves, his partner, played by Isla Fisher, Jack Wilder a prestidigitator and thief played by Dave Franco ( James Franco’s little  brother), and Meritt McKinney a mentalist played by Woody Harrelson. They receive on the same day a mysterious and strange card with an address on the back : they are recruited by an anonymous character and gathered in order to combine their powers and create a huge show. One year later, this four characters become the four horse men. They make their first show in Las Vegas where they rob a French bank live and from a distance. Then they organise a second show in New Orleans where they thieve their patron Arthur Tressler, acted by Michael Caine, in order to get the spectators’ money back. Indeed, the public was composed of people cheated by Arthur Tressler who did not give them their money insurance which they were entitled to after mass destruction  caused by a storm.



For the third show of the four horse men, an FBI agent, called Dylan Rhodes and acted by Mark Ruffalo, is determined to stop the four illusionists before they disappear. He has to collaborate with a young female investigator from Interpole called Alma Dray and played by Mélanie Laurent.The entire world is waiting for the last and most spectacular show of the four horse men. But the magicians have to hurry before the FBI find them.



Thaddeus Bradley, a former magician played by Morgan Freeman is now an expert in describing the most sophisticated magic tricks.
But appearences may be deceptive and one of the characters does not side with whom he pretends to defend.
And maybe the horsemen are not four but five ?
I advise you to see this movie, you won’t be disappointed by the end which is, for me, really unpredictable as reflected by the magicians’ personalities.
Now you should run as fast as possible to the the nearest theatre in order to discover how the story of the horse men finally ends.


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