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Rock en Seine 2013

October 6, 2013

From August 23 to August 25 of this summer, I went with friends to the great music festival Rock en Seine, situated in the park of Saint – Cloud. For Christmas, my sister gave me  a 3-day pass for  the festival.

The first concerts began at around 3 p.m and were divided in 4 stages. Contrary to what its name implies, Rock en Seine is not only formed of rock music. In fact, the first concert I saw was a rapper called Chance the Rapper. It was a great performance, but unfortunatelly, his DJ had a bad fall and was hurt, so the concert was stopped before the end. This was already a lot of emotion for a first concert!

Later in the day, I saw different bands like Tame Impala, Belle & Sebastian, Alt-J, Kendrick Lamar and Franz Ferdinant, who are a mixture of rock, rap and pop music. Alt-J (∆) was my favorite performance. This is an English Indie rock quartet formed in 2007. I discovered their music last year. The mixture between the shrill and disturbing voice of the singer Joe Newman and keyboards and guitar gives a soft and harmonious result. Moreover, their performance on stage triggers a lot of emotions and has the gift of transporting people -me anyway! – elsewhere. I finished the day, at around 00:00, with the German DJ Paul Kalkbrenner and his electro/techno music.

Alt-J (∆)

The second day, I didn’t know the artists who played during the day so I discovererd 4 bands:
-Nine Inch Nails, an American industrial metal band,
-Patrice, a German reggae singer,
-Eugene Mc Guinness, an English band pop/Indie
-And Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, an American rock band.

However, a huge dilemma opened to us : our two favorite bands of the day played at the same time on two different stages : Phoenix and FAUVE.  So we decided to go first to Phoenix, because it started 30 minutes before the other concert. Bad idea : first, the concert was not incredible (I felt I was  listening to their album), secondly, it was very difficult to get out of the huge crowd, and thirdly, the stage of FAUVE was situated at the other end of the park. Fiveteen minutes later, we were behind the collective FAUVE. Unfortunatelly we saw nothing of the stage because of the crowd. But the show was amazing anyway. On the one hand, the instrumental is sweet, soft and pleasant, but on the other hand the lyrics are violent, controversial and denounce  a youth who wants to grow up too fast and some  never confessed romances.



The third and last day, we had a very busy program. We started the day with the long-awaited performance of the young American rapper Mac Miller. We succeeded in getting great seats right in the forefront. Despite the rain and the mud, the public was unleashed, and everyone sang, shouted and raised their hands. It was an awesome show.

Just afterwards, my friends and I went to the Skip The Use concert. This is a recent French rock band. Once again, we were very close to the stage. This concert was absolutely wonderful, even better than the previous one. The singer Mat Bastard is stark raving mad on stage; he did tricks in the air such as somersaults ; he didn’t stop moving everywhere. He was full of energy and so was the show. He organized crowd movements which were totally crazy and everyone put their hearts into it. It was by far my favorite concert of the festival, and I keep an excellent memory of it.

After this very good time, we went to the concert of The Bloody Beetroots, an Italian electro music band. Their music is characterized by a strong and punk sound. At the end of this concert, we neared  the stage because our next  concert was to take place here an hour later. It was System Of A Down, the greatest band of hard rock metal music to me. As we knew, a huge part of the public wanted to see System, so we sacrificed the concert of Major Lazer, which was at the same time, to wait one hour for the concert to have a good spot. After meeting very nice metalheads, the concert began. But unfortunately, from the first musical note, my friend and I were shaken very violently by a “pogo”. A pogo is a stampede which involves a huge , very messy and brutal jostling. And if it’s a hard metal concert, the pogo is even stronger and violent. So obviously, my friend and I almost fell in the crowd and I confess I was very scared! So we decided to leave the concert, squeezing our way through the crowd. And when we finally succeeded, we learned  another piece of bad news: the Belgian singer Stromae was a surprise guest at the concert of Major Lazer, that we had just missed! Decidedly, we were not lucky that night…

To conclude, despite this incident,  these three days of concerts were full of emotions and so unforgettable. Those for whom music is a real passion, a vital need, I really advise you to go to a music festival, like Rock en Seine or also Solidays.

To finish, I would like to thank my sister who gave me this incredible gift, and I hope to go back next summer!


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