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Inox Park Festival

October 5, 2013


Have you heard about a little electronic music festival taking place just next to Paris ? For four years, a new concept has attracted a lot of people from many different countries and ages to enjoy music for a day, and I was there !


Unlike the other music festivals, there are only disc jockeys playing their music from about 2pm to 11pm in four different stages. Some of them are very successful and known all around the world like Bingo Players, Joaquim Garraud, Dimitri Vegas or 2ManyDJs who were there this year for the fourth edition of the festival. Surroundings are very nice because it is in the suburbs of Paris, in a little island on the Seine called “L’ile des impressionistes”. It is really easy to access and you can dance in the middle of nature.


I spent a really good time with my friends the afternoon in the sun as well as when night fell. There was a really good atmosphere and I even saw adults coming with their babies or people dressed up in banana’s or super heroes costumes ! On the other hand, you’ll feel very tired at the end and you may feel very stiff when you wake up the following day. But it happens only one day in a whole year and that is for quite a good cause !


The only advice I will give you is to come with one or two friend at least. That is better not to feel lost or lonely and you will take the advantage of their company while dancing or simply on your way home ! I hope I have convinced you to come as my sister did for me and, if it is the case, I give you a date next year in September !


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