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October 4, 2013

Nip Tuck

« Tell me what you don’t like about yourself. »

From the easiest liposuction to a complete facial reconstruction, immerse yourself in the world of the two best Miami’s surgeons. Between the incorrigible seducer Christian Troy and his more discreet partner Sean McNamara, you’re sure to be in safe hands!




 NIP/TUCK: SEASON 6: Dylan Walsh as Dr. Sean McNamara  CR: FX

Sean McNamara

 Dr Sean McNamara, portrayed by Dylan Walsh, is one of the main characters of the serie. He founded a surgical clinic with his partner and best friend, Christian Troy.

They met in college at the university of Miami, where they decided to work together. All along the series, we can notice several flashbacks showing their meeting, and we understand at first it wasn’t a real friendship between the two characters but a sort of arrangement. In fact, Sean is described as the more skilled of the two whereas Christian is an incorrigible seducer. They both had an interest in joining together : Sean didn’t know how to seduce Julia, the woman he was in love with, while Christian needed help in his exams. But little by little they become really close friends. When the series begins, both of the main characters are nearing middle age. Sean is finally married with Julia, but their marriage is seriously on the skids.


Christian Troy

 Christian Troy is a fictional character played by Julian McMahon. He’s famous for being a womanizer, who loves money and flashy cars. He’s totally different from his friend and business partner Sean MacNamara but they complete each other and both are the best surgeons of Miami. During the series we learn that Christian was abandoned by his mother and after molested by his foster father. This early incident destroyed his faith in a just God, which is a pun with his name “Christian” and the term Christian refers to religion. The only way to change for him it’s to become a father; he thinks he is the father of the child of one of his mistresses, Gina, but discovers that he is not. After this, we learn that Christian is the biological father of Matt, the son of Sean which causes a fight between them and hampers their friendship for a while.


Julia McNamara

Julia is Sean’s wife and the mother of Matt and Annie. She has an important role in the series because she’s also Christian’s first love ; so we can feel alchemy between them from the first episode and all along the series. Julia stopped her medicine studies to raise the children and she deeply regrets it afterwards.

This series is very nice to watch because we become attached to the characters ; each episode deals with a new medical case , we can see the proceedings of surgical interventions and this is very passionating.

Alexandra and Manon

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