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The comeback of Stromae: a real Maestro

September 26, 2013


This summer,  everybody was pleasantly surprised by Stromae’s second album . After his world success in 2010, with his first album “Cheese” and the  hit “Alors on danse”, he proposed this year a new one entitled “Racine carrée”. This author-songwriter-singer, of Belgian-Rwandan origin, was acclaimed unanimously with the hits of the summer “Papoutai” and “Formidable”, which both have added up 30 and 17 million of viewers on the net with their videos and their original concept.

Through his mixing of genres and themes in his music – such as  French songs (Brel is one of his inspirations), electro or rap – Stromae manages to bring back together all the generations. “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t especially sing for the intellectuals or for the lower class; I do music first for myself, then for my family and my friends , and finally for a public that I don’t choose- and that’s best.  I wish to break divisions.”

His texts narrate a humanity that is a bit lost. In Telerama, Stromae said “Of course, they are not very joyful, but sadness and tears are part of us. I would say that they make us beautiful. It’s the same for the wrinkles or the shadows. Why hide them? All the couples face  difficulties, betrayals, abandonments, and that’s also what makes their value. Deep inside me, I am a teenager who grows up realizing that neither his mother, nor his brothers, his friends, nor himself are perfect. It’s hard to accept, but the reality is not as Manichaean as I thought. Though, even if we suffer, we are up and we move forward.”

 In his first album he tackled hard themes  with an acerbic humour, proposing a dark painting of a dehumanized society . “Racine carrée” deals with texts as fun as terrifying  broaching AIDS, cancer and abandonment.

In the newspaper Le Monde, the artist justified it: “It’s  joyful, entertaining enough to dance, so it’s my way to rebalance, to talk about things that are less fun. Life is also beautiful for that: if there are some joyful moments, it’s because there were some sad ones before”.

Moreover, in his clip “Formidable”, shot in hidden camera in the center of Brussels, we saw a singer totally drunk and in perdition, in front of pedestrians who  recognized him but didn’t come to help him . In his songs he puts a little bit of himself, for example in the hit “Formidable”, he talks about the relations between men and women and also paternity.


 In his hit “Papoutai”, he evokes implicitly the relations between a father and his son, because he lost his father in the Rwandan genocide when he was younger. He also presents an unsual video, presenting a rather impressive performance of dancers, on African sounds.


 He explains “the autobiographic part in my texts ranges from 10 to 30 %, the rest is fiction. I wouldn’t have enough hindsight to propose an album that was a 100% about what I lived; and,  we quickly cover my life. “

We can say that Stromae is a real Maestro: the master of the summer, by his audacious style and clips, his way of mixing different themes, styles, cultures and generation while offering a criticism of our society, denouncing the dark side of human beings.

For those who have been convinced,  Stromae  is on tour in Paris on 8th  April 2014 at the Trianon and also on April 9th and 10th at the Zénith. If it’s not too late, go for it!


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