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Criminal Minds

September 19, 2013

I’ve always been a big fan of series, but right now, my new obsession is Criminal Minds. This might seem like a creepy series to watch and I admit that some episodes are really scary and crazy. However, I started to watch it on  TV a few weeks ago, when a new season started on TF1. After I watched a few episodes I started to really like the characters and the concept of the series. This is when you could say I became addicted to the show.


The season currently showing on TF1 is  season 8 but I recently started to watch the show from the beginning, from season 1. The American television program was premiered in 2005 and was created by Jeff Davis (he also developed the TV show called Teen Wolf).

Synopsis : Criminal Minds is a TV show revolving around a team of FBI profilers from the Behavioral Analyst Unit (BAU). This team analyzes the criminal minds of some of the most twisted criminals of the country; they try to anticipate the moves of the criminal so they can stop him before he strikes again. This series is different from the others as the investigation focuses on finding the criminal by analysing his behavior rather than the crime itself. The team is based in Quantico, Virginia ; however, the whole team travels a lot in the USA to help local police when they need it on investigations.


The casting is always changing, some characters leave, others arrive, so there are always new faces. However, I can tell you that the main characters are Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) who’s the chief of the team, Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) who are both special agents. There’s also Jennifer Jareau (A. J. Cook) who served as the Communications Liaison to local police agencies. Finally, there’s Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangness) who is the technical analyst. Those five are the main characters, the other characters are almost always changing, so it’s not as important if you don’t know their names.

I truly recommend you this show, I found it really good even if you’re not really into thrillers, or drama TV shows.  It’s a different series from all the others which I find really similar to each other; this one is original and the characters are really likeable.

Watch it and tell me what you think of it !


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