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The Prodigies

September 12, 2013

Today I would like to talk about a book I read recently and I really liked.


This book is entitled « La nuit des enfants Rois » by Bernard Lenteric named « The Prodigies » in English. I saw the animated movie « The Prodigies » realised in 2011 by Matthew Vaughn and Antoine Charreyron before reading the book. Even if I knew the topic, I really loved the story in the book which was much more developed.

The novel was  written by Bernard Lenteric, a French writer and cinema director who wrote lots of best-sellers. He became famous in 1981 when he published the story of seven children endowed of a fabulous and also destructive smartness.

A little summary in order to help you better understand the story :

Jimbo Farraris an IT engineer, and a kind of genius,  has a bigger I.Q than the rest of the population. He is married to Ann a beautiful woman deeply in love with him.

He works for the Killian Fundation and participates in the Genius Hunt.

One day thanks to this programm he found seven children around the United States who have a remarkable and troubling intelligence.

For ten years Jimbo will visit these seven children once a year to reassure and tell them they are not alone, they are seven and maybe eight if Jimbo joins them.

One day when the seven children finally are fifteen, Jimbo decides to gather them.

They take part in a game show with more than twenty other gifted teenagers but not genius like the seven.

The first night they decide to meet each other privately, the seven are attacked and raped in Central Park.

From that traumatic night onward they decided to pretend nothing happened but they secretely prepare to take their revenge against the rest of the world.

First they rob millions of dollars without leaving any clues of their crime behind.

Then they begin doing more horrible things : killing people.

During all this time, Jimbo realises he may have made a mistake by gathering these seven hurt teenagers. He tries to protect as best he can the persons he loves, his wife, his two children – Cindy and Ritchie- , his stepfather : Emerson Thwaite and Melanie Killian the manageress of the Killian society.

By doing this he hurts unconsciously his wife and goes away from his family to finally save her from these seven devilish young persons.


In the movie the prodigies are only five and they are much more united than the seven children of the book because they combine against the one who gathered them : Jimbo and kill him to be sure he won’t act against them.

I really like these two things; first the movie beacause I was discovering a new thing: an animated film which deals with serious things and doesn’t have a happy ending as cartoons are used to having.

And then the book because the story is totally different: the adventure is more complete, there is  more suspense than in the movie. I think the writer, Bernard Lenteric has a particular gift, he is able to create  anxiety in the reader’s head whithout giving boring and useless details. I finished this book in less than three days and I honestly advise you to read it !


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