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Once Upon A Time

June 6, 2013

ONCE UPON A TIME is seriously a name of an American series ! I know you’re telling yourself “Oh my God she can’t be serious, it’s so ridiculous”. But I really like this new series ! It was created by  Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and began to be broadcast not so long ago, it was in 2011. You’ll see the story is really nice; it changes completely from the other series and for once, it is really original. The directors and the actors must really enjoy doing it !

 once upon a time

Synopsis a the first episode : we see a little boy named Henry ringing a doorbell and we discover  two minutes later that Emma, the heroine,  is his mother. So she decides to take him to Storybrooke, a little village in Maine. In the car he tells her that every tale she learnt when she was younger is true, and everybody in this city is someone from a fairy tale; she is one too. Of course, she doesn’t believe him, and laughs out loud. When she sees Henry’s adoptive mother she realizes  he is unhappy with her and after some events, she stays more and more in Storybrooke.


I think it is really original to think  that kind of thing. This is really brilliant because it reunites a lot of fairy tales we all know. I appreciate it a lot because we go back to our childhood which is pretty funny and relaxing.


Emma Swan is interpreted by Jennifer Morrison.

OUAT emma           OUAT emma 2

She is Henry’s real mother and she used to live in Boston but when Henry came to see her she was never able to leave Storybrooke anymore. She learnt to love her son and she loves him, she is strong and we learn that she was found on the roadside when she was a few hours old.  For Henry she would be the daughter of Snow White and Charming.

Mary Margaret Blanchard is played by Ginnifer Goodwin.

OUAT mary margaret                      OUAT mary margaret 2

She is Henry’s teacher; she always seems sad as if something was missing in her life. She is very close to nature, and she is a frail person. She constantly is in opposition with Henry’s mother; the latter seems to hate her more than anything but we don’t know why. She is supposed to be Snow White.

David Nolan is interpreted by Joshua Dallas.

OUAT joshua    OUAT Joshua 2

We met him when he was in a coma; we don’t know his name, where he comes from etc… He has been  in this state for many years and it seems like he will never wake up. Mary Margaret is a volunteer at the hospital and on Henry’s advice she begins to count him some stories and he miraculously wakes up. Henry thinks he is Charming, that is to say the father of his own mother.

Lana Parrilla represents evil in this series.

OUAT Regina              OUAT Regina2

She is Regina Mills, Henry is her adoptive son and she really loves him even if Henry doesn’t believe she does. She is cruel and nasty, she’s a vilain and she can manipulate everyone in the village. She is the mayor of the city. Her past story is revealed  through the series : her best friend is Maleficent, she is the cause of the separation between Hansel and Gretel and their parents; she drove Mad Hatter mad when rescuing her father from her mother Cora (the recurrent Queen of Hearts).  She’s, of course, The Queen, the second wife of Snow White’s father.

A new character (or not but I’ve never heard about him) is Rumplestiltskin.


In the real life he’s called Mr Gold. He is the owner of the whole town and maybe the  richest of the city. He is interpreted by Robert Carlyle. We don’t see him a lot at the beginning, only to make contracts with the inhabitants of the city who know they shouldn’t but they still do it.

OUAT red dress    OUAT Robin hood     OUAT sleeping man

All along the episodes we can see the story (revisited by the directors) of Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, Captain Hook, Evil Queen’s huntsman, Little Red Riding Hood, Belle, Grumpy, Mulan, Dr Victor Frankenstein and so many other like Grumpy or Princess Aurora.

It gives us a new outlook on our favorite or hated characters of these fairy tales we heard during our childhood; I think this is wonderful !

In other words, take your computer and watch it ! I think it’s difficult not to like it … Everyone dreams of fairy tales…


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