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Declaration of War [la Guerre est déclarée]

April 12, 2013

Declaration of War (La Guerre est déclarée)

La Guerre est déclarée is a French movie directed by Valerie Donzelli. It came out in 2011. It was written by Jeremie Elkaïm and  Donzelli who also star in it. The story is not an ordinary scenario : it’s their story.

When they met at a Parisian party, the two characters were attracted to each other. He went to introduce himself “I’m Romeo”. She answered “Is it a joke ? My name is Juliet”.  He replied “So we’re submitted to a tragical faith ?”.

They immediately fell in love. Out of this mutual love is born their son : Adam. The little family lived in peace, even if it was sometimes hard for the parents who were obliged to work a lot. But when Adam was only 2, his parents became more and more anxious. Adam was not able to walk by himself and vomitted violently and suddenly. They took him to his doctor. And then to another one. The exams showed that Adam had a tumor.

la guerre est declaree

All the movie is the struggle of this parents against disease and distress.

la guerre est declaree2

You don’t want to see a movie about a sick child ? Nobody wants to. But Declaration of War is much different. This is not the story of a cancerous child but the story of his fight. The viewer can see how their positive energy and their strong relationship protect them. The movie is colored, there are different kinds of music (punk, classic …).

la guerre est declaree 3

The United States have some super-heroes, with magic power. The French cinema has – sometimes – some ordinary heroes. They don’t save the world but they raise humanity. That’s why we can definitely admire them.

I really like the movie because it’s not the typical terrible drama. The two characters are really – as much as they can be – positive. I think it gives a good image for the other couples who live the same event. It conveys a message of hope for all.


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