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Happiness Therapy

April 4, 2013

During the winter holidays I went to a movie theatre to see Happiness Therapy. It is played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. By the way, she won the Oscar for her character in this movie. The story is simple but rather original.

happiness therapy

Pat Solotano is a man who discovers one day that his wife is having an affair with one of his colleagues. This finding drives him crazy so he hits his colleague. Therefore, he is locked in a mental home for a few months, because he has a problem : he tells everyone what he thinks and so the truth comes out of his mouth but he cannot control it, and it makes his entourage  feel bad. Hearing the truth is sometimes embarrassing, isn’t it ? But he is released at the beginning of the movie. He comes back home and lives in his parents’ house. He is determined to recover his wife’s love. But he has the interdiction of approaching her. Then, he meets Tiffany at a dinner’s friend. She lost her husband in a car accident about one year ago. She is a totally disoriented and she tends to sleep with many men, so people do not respect her anymore.

She is set apart by the society, just as Pat, who is considered as a crazy human being.
They become friends and so Tiffany offers to Pat her help to recover his wife but in exchange for this favour, he has to train with her for a dance contest. They spend much time together and a relationship is growing up between them. In the magazines, they talk about “an unexpected bond” but I disagree with this saying because Pat and Tiffany are both looking for someone to understand their pain and who does not judge them for their past, so when they find each other, it is purely logical and normal I think.

I won’t write anything about the end of the movie because I believe that it is foreseeable and it’s up to you to see this movie or not. But I shall conclude by saying that this story makes you feel light, and helps you understand that you do not choose who enters your life but you do choose what happens with those persons. You cannot control life in general, but you can control yours. And it is a relief.


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