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The Script

March 29, 2013

The Script is a pop rock  band who comes from Dublin, in Ireland where they started out in 2001. The group is composed of three members : Danny O’Donoghue the lead singer who also plays the keyboard, Mark Sheehan a guitarist and a singer and Glen Power who plays the drums and sings. All three have gone from rags to riches just like characters in a Hollywood movie. Danny and Mark met each other at the end of their teenage years in the poor districts of Dublin. They shared the same passion about music, especially for black American music that they loved. Both are former producers who were settled down in the USA but who came back to Dublin to hire Glen for their new “boys’ band”.

the script

The band named The Script was inspired by life in Los Angeles. Apparently the band always compares itself to Forrest Gump, the character played by Tom Hanks. As a matter of fact, Forrest lived an extraordinary life, despite the fact that he was such a simple-minded person and Danny,Mark and Glen are having the same kind of living experience and doing music in America.

Even though their story sounds like a fairy tale, they went through rough patches, probably the toughest thing Danny had to deal with was the death of his father. He says that he deals with things like that through his music, which helps him take all the bad feelings and turn them around into something positive. Here is his advice to teens and kids who go through difficult times in their lives:

“If you can’t play an instrument I would say paint or do something like art. If you have pain, try to put it into a different form other than tears or talking about it.

the script 2

The Script’s inspirations are various, going from U2 to the Neptunes but also Timbaland and Van Morrison. Their first album was released on August 2008 and it was immediately a huge success in Ireland, in the United Kingdom and later all around the world. This album is composed of 11 tracks including “We cry” that the band interpreted in the second season of the American TV series 90210, “The man who can’t be moved” and “Breakeven” who is most likely the most successful song they have made until now. Their second album is entitled “Science and Faith” (2010) and their third album #3 was released in Ireland and in the United Kingdom in September 2012. This album includes the song “For the first time” and “Hall of Fame” recorded in collaboration with who also works with Danny in The Voice UK.

My favourite song is “If you could see me now” because the three artists dedicated it to members of their family who died lately. It conveys an intense message and writing and singing that song has helped them to express their sadness so as to move on. As for me, The Script is a real “boys’ band” who achieved their goal and who didn’t give up when difficulties came around; they are still fullfiling their dreams and they encourage their fans to do the same through their music.

the script 3


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