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The 5 best artists of all times to me

March 17, 2013

Today , I am classifying the best artists of all  times , in terms of voice , stage presence , song quality…

1-Michael Jackson is the best artist of all times to me , he has a powerful voice and he knew how to use it . On stage , he was a beast , his energy was transmitted thanks to the feelings he conveyed to the crowd. His arrivals were events and the police was sometimes required to take care of the safety. He popularized Hip/Hop dance and worked with the best dancers of Hip/Hop ever : the Electric Boogaloo. He opened the doors for black pop artists on MTV and is still considered as a major influence for young performers such as Britney Spears , Bruno Mars…


top 3 songs:

  1. Thriller
  2. Man in the miror
  3. they don’t care about us

2-Mariah Carey. I think she comes in second position thanks to her powerful voice that spans over 5 octaves (which is really rare for a Human Voice). She is the best seller of the 9o’s decade! Mariah Carey has written songs that touch the heart of millions of people . She never lip-sings which is very rare too for nowadays artists .  The only thing , I don’t appreciate is her stage presence , she has charisma but she could dance more , move more …


top 3 songs :

  1. Hero
  2. we belong together
  3. my all

3-Freddy Mercury , I have hesitated between him and Mariah Carey but , he is still in the  top 3! he was The “Queen”. Freddy Mercury was an accomplished musician , a great singer , and a fantastic stage entertainer; indeed he sung with the famous opera singer Montserra Caballe. His voice was as powerful as Michael Jackson’s , he wrote a lot of beautiful songs and he had an electric relationship with the public. He knew how to mix power with seduction and on stage it created  a special athmosphere. He had really strong belts and vocal runs .


top 3 songs :

  1. we are the champions
  2. don’t stop me know
  3. I want to break free

4- Whitney Houston, known as “the voice“, really introduced big vocal ranges in the pop field , her voice was so agile, and she knew how to belt , to reach high notes …. Her voice was a mix between fragility and strength. She was a true diva and some of her songs will remain forever and ever in people’s minds.


top 3 songs :

  1. I have nothing (live in South Africa)
  2. I will always love you
  3. I’m every woman

5- Christina Aguilera is a great artist , her “back to basics” is amazing , back to the roots of Soul music, of pop ; I love it. I think that the quality of her “stripped” album is devine , it’s one of my favorite album of all times.


  1. beautiful
  2. oh mother
  3. what a girl wants


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