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Teen Adventure, Croatia August 2012

March 13, 2013

Last summer, I went to Croatia for the first time and I stayed there for one month. If you had told me before summer break that this trip would have been one of the best I have ever done , I wouldn’t have believed you. What I mean is that I had no idea that this country would be so amazing and full of surprises as I found it to be. I discovered so many things that I didn’t suspect, especially  the Croatian culture which is really different from ours but that I loved. You have to know that you are never bored in this country (As far as I’m concerned, I wasn’t at all) because it is such a lively place where you can always find something to do !


To sum up, I spent two weeks in July with my family in a small city called Pula, which is located by the ocean. Then I came back to Croatia in August for another 2 weeks but that time, I was down in Croatia, in Pakostane which is a wonderful city located next to the beach. I was sent to a camp where we slept in nature most of the time (something new for me).  I learnt about Camp California a few months ago and at first I really didn’t want to go there. Camp Cal is an American organization for kids and teenagers from all over the world who go to Croatia for 2 weeks in order to improve their English, make friends with people from many different nationalities, do sports, visit the cities , discover the culture and try to learn how to live in society without arguing all day long.


As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I did over those 2 weeks and to be honest  I expected a journey where we wouldn’t have so much freedom.  The activities were awesome :  diving, quads, karting , paintball, archery, climbing, bridging, kayaking, volleyball, football, human football, wake board, kite surf, firecamps, visiting the most beautiful cities of the coutry, a whole day on a boat to go to magical islands, water slides, swimming pool, jump in the water from a 15 meters bridge, orientation, we did the highest swing of Croatia and all the parties where we went were awesome.


I must add that in summer, I usually go to a country with people of my age and I always come back to Paris very sad because the trip ended. But in that case, I was just sad for a while and then I go back to my everyday life so it went better. When I came back from Croatia, something had changed if I compare with my other trips : I felt that I had grown up. It may seem stupid but I believe that this is true.

As you know, all the good things have to come to an end and when counselors asked us (teenagers) if we had the “time of ours lives” , you have to believe me that no one said that he or she didn’t. It is by far the best experience that someone can have, that’s why it was so hard to say goodbye to everyone and come back to Paris to take back the routine. I miss them so much and I advise you to live such an experience  at least once in your life.


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