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Chris Brown’s Concert

March 7, 2013

On Friday, December 7th, the very famous rapper came back to France to give a very expected concert which  took place  in Paris-Bercy. The room was completly full and around 17000 fans  were there to spend one of the craziest night  they have ever had. I was one of those people who had waited for so long and I’m so glad I did because it was really worth it.

What is  unbelieveable  about  Chris Brown is that he is only 23 and has already recorded 5 albums since he started out. He is  my favourite American rapper with Wiz Khalifa and  I have noticed that he is one of the rare singer who sings better in live than in studio. When we arrived in Bercy, my sisters, my friends and I went into the crowd to see how the atmosphere was like and we weren’t disappointed at all : we actually spent the most incredible night of our lives and I still have thrills all over my body when I talk about it. We had waited 8 hours outside in the cold before coming in but we forgot that awful part as soon as we were right in front of the stage.


A Dj made the first part of the concert and he made everyone sing and dance in such a way that no one was sitting. Most of  my favourite songs were  interpreted and I was projected in a much different planet from ours. I have this feeling when a great song comes by and  that I just want to stand there and listen to that song forever and this concert made me escape from reality, at least for one night.


But when Chris Brown showed up, it was like a dream come true for those who had waited so many years  just  to see this 23-year-old man perform. I was very excited and what I found extremely amazing was that people were having  fun all together, I mean I didn’t know the people around  me but I met some great people because we all  had the same musical tastes. Music brought us together and that was magical and  everything was mind-blowing including the setting. When it ended, Chris Brown  dedicated to Paris a remix of Kayne West and  Jay Z’s song and his performance was as impressive as the original one.


I took  lots of pictures including the one in this review but also videos that I rewatch sometimes and it reminds me how important music can be in our lives.


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