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Warner Bros Studio

February 21, 2013

This week end I went to London for my birthday, and for the occasion I had the occasion to visit the Warner Bros Studio : Making of Harry Potter. A youthful dream for me. I really wasn’t expected what I saw there. This was so magical ! I was completely engrossed in the world of Harry Potter. I’m going to share with you some anecdotes I  learned.


I first got into the Great Hall where all the students of Hogwarts use to spend their activities. I really couldn’t see the differences between what I saw on the movies : I had the impression to be included in the movie. All the elements were real : the floor and the walls in stone, the statues, the  extended tables. A pleasure for the eyes. After that, I had the possibility to see the settings of every room and place we can see in the movies : Dumbeldore’s office, the potion room, the gryffindor dormitory as well as the common room. Besides, all the fantastic objects of the movies were exposed : wands, paintings, horcrux, flying broomsticks, the goblet of fire…we could admire the costumes of the characters too.


Next, we could visit the workshops where the craftpersons worked meticulously in order to realize all the masks, the magical creatures etc. There were also graphic designers who made every item found in the wizards’ shops. It’s really impressive to see how realistic they are ! At the end of the visit, there was an outside place where we had the possibility to have some butterbeer, and to explore Dudley’s house : the 4, privet drive. The statue of TomRiddle’s tomb was exposed too and scared me ! It really was the same, as much gloomy. We can see it in the cemetery in the fourth movie of the saga, “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”.


It is really visible, when we see all these stuffs, that Harry Potter’s  filming team made an incredible work for this saga. I had a lovely time, that’s why I really advise this visit to anyone who is staying in London and who likes Harry Potter of course ; you won’t be disappointed !



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  1. February 21, 2013 6:07 pm

    Lucky you!

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