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American Horror Story

February 16, 2013

I want to talk to you about probably my favorite series of the year named American Horror Story. As its name indicates it, it is about horror, suspense, thriller, blood, pain and drama. I will focus on the second edition of the series named Asylum. The scene takes place in a sanatorium transformed into a mental home. The actors seen in the first season reappear in the secondone  but in new characters. The two seasons have nothing in common, except the actors. I find the idea very brilliant because the viewers , who became attached  to the actors, can find and discover them again  in another register and enjoy their talent.

American Horror Story

Watching it taught me that what seems good is not, and that you cannot judge a book by its cover. I think that the authors of the series want to denounce the abuse of  power by the ones who hold it. It is scary because in this series, the good doesn’t always win. It’s alarming. You never know what it is going to happen so it obliges you to be really focused on what you are watching. The episodes are linked so even if you miss one of them, you can guess what you have missed by watching the new broadcast. It becomes addicted viewing it.

I think that you will like this series if you enjoy scary things and like suspense and thrill. I like watching horror programs because it helps me facing my fears and I believe that it can help you too, reader. So don’t be afraid because sometimes, what you apprehend is not what you conceived at the beginning.


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