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Top 5 favorite video games of all time

January 25, 2013

Today, I am going to present you my favorite video games. Even if I am not really specialized in this field and I don’t play a lot, there are some video games that I particularly enjoy to play. So, I class the games in the descending order ; from those I really really like to those I just like.



My favorite video game of all time is Prince of Persia on PS2. I began to play with it when I was very young with my cousin. I was extremely fascinated by the graphism and I could spend hours in front of my screen. The setting is beautiful, it reminds me of the Middle-East and I like the fact that the story is interspersed with cinematic transitions. Moreover, it was a real challenge to finish this  game because there are a lot of complicated enigmas. I have to admit that without my cousin I would probably still be playing it today.

  #2. ZELDA

Zelda is my second favorite video game. It deals with an ordinary boy called Link who aims at saving Pricess Zelda. When I was younger I played with it on my DS but a few years ago my father bought us the Wii version which I find is better. Indeed, we have more attack possibilities and moreover, even if it is not supposed to be a multi-player game, we found a deal with my little brother : he manipulates the Nunchuk controller to fight and I manipulate the main joystick to choose the direction. Thus, there is no conflict ! Like in Prince of Persia, I am fond of the fantastic landscape with a beautiful representation of the nature and above all the lively music. It is a thought-provoking game because you have to use your reflection. Moreover, I advise you to make a break and to detach yourself when you are stuck because it can make you mad.



Kane & Lynch is a shooter video game. It relates the story of two mercenaries who are involved in a robbery affaire. Kane is accused to have stolen money to his former partners and as a revange, they threat him to kill his wife and his daughter. What I like in this game is the fact that it is a multiplayer game. We play as co-partners, so we have to help each other and we have to communicate. Moreover, the graphism is realistic and the caracteres evoluate in different settings such as China or Cuba as you can notice on the first photo.



Call of duty : Black Ops, relates the story of a CIA officer called Alex Mason who has been caught and who is subjected to a series of questioning . In fact, we are immersed in his memories all over the game and we have to replay some moments of his life. We learn that the scene began in the 1960’s during the Cold War and that Mason and his partner aimed at killing Castro during the Bay of Pigs. Then, they do not achieve this goal but they have other missions all over the world. What I like in this video game is that it is based on historical landmarks, it is really thought-provoking to live this era.

#. PES 2010


PES 2010 is my last favourite video game. I am used to playing with it with my brother and sometimes my sister. Indeed, I am a little bit interested in football and I find funny to be the embodiment of my favourite players and teams. This video game is entertaining because we can play with other people as a team or as opponent.

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