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Welcome to the Truman Show !

January 24, 2013

This is an American movie directed by Peter Weir in 1998. The principal actor is Jim Carrey, with Laura Linney, Loah Emmerich, Ed Harris and Natascha McElhone. This is the story of Truman Burbank who is a star of a reality show without knowing it. Since his birth, the whole world is looking at him. His world is nothing but a huge television show, everybody who is close or just people he sees in the street are actors ; he is the one who ignores the reality. The movie relates his first doubts and his research to discover the truth.


This is an amazing movie ! Everybody is manipulating him, this is a bit frightenning in fact. Truman wants to travel, but everytime there is an obstancle to his desire to make a trip. For example, the movie’s production made his father drown, thus Truman is afraid of water : he isn’t able to go on a boat. At one moment, when we have discovered the truth, Truman goes to a travel agency asking for a flight to the Fidji Island. The employee, caught, says that there is no more seats for 2 months ! These strange events make the movie really funny ! This is a comical movie, full of joy and irony.


We can notice an allegory of a “Powerful God” since the director of the reality show is actually living on the false moon of Truman’s city, seeing everything, listening to everything. This make a comical effect but it could be also frightful because there is somebody who is watching at everything you do. When Truman tries to escape, he realizes that he is in a sort of jail, that the skyline is a painted wall. When he finds a door to get out the director speaks to him, like a God, with a voice coming from the sky.  He tells Truman the truth and how he was manipulated ; then he asks him to stay so that he won’t be able to suffer from the pains he could face out of the reality show. This is  a form of hymn to liberty of thoughts and of decisions. That side of the move could remind us Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, because there is a fight that is coming for liberty, but on the contrary, this control permits security. The omnipresence of cameras and actors make a tough and oppressive atmosphere, close to Big Brother. This movie also relates the fact that anybody can be completely manipulated. His evasion isn’t due to a desire to discover the world (he is afraid of it in fact) but to his crazy love for a woman he barely knows. This motif is also present when love guided Winston Smith’s rebellion.


Nevertheless, the movie is dreadful because you see that this could be very easy for someone to be manipulated. When I finished  watching it, I became so paranoid that I begun to ask questions to myself, every single moment ! I think this movie is really great because you really spend a good time. Furthemore the movie has something philosophical. Indeed, you can ask yourself if the world you see is the real one. But, in fact, does reality really exist ? Is there any reality or is everything only a lie ? Are some secrets better when they’re hidden or must we say everything ? This movie is a thought-provoking; this is almost impossible not to think after this freaky movie !

For my part, I really enjoyed this film because it is two-faced : making peole laugh and making people think. It is a movie that I recommend to relax. For the ones who prefer violent and more stressful movies, I heard about Dark City, by Alex Proyas also in 1998 ( but I haven’t seen it, I’m a scared and sensitive woman…) and this is the same stake : finding liberty again.

Well I hope you enjoyed the review and you’ll enjoy the movie ! See you for another critic !

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