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January 19, 2013

 “Ayiti pral rne” which means “Haiti will be reborn”.

Four months ago, I went to Haiti to see my family and offer my help to the hospitals of the capital with my mother who is a pediatrician. It was the second time that I went there and I realized that the country fascinated me more and more. The way out of the airport was completely blocked by the poor population who asked for money and food, so every time I took this door it became very hard for me to make my way through. When I finally got through all the people I can see the street and our car driver was named Jean Claude.

image (2)

During the ride, the landscape was brutal and very touching. All the slums and camps were on the roadsides. They cook, sleep and take care of their children in dangerous conditions and outside the sanitary standards. Unfortunately, sanitary standards are not the first concern in that kind of countries. Their first goal is to survive and be safe in a wild environment. After the earthquake of January 12th, 2010 Haïti went from bad to worse. The population went through an epidemic of cholera and a lot of revolts. Now, this wonderful country is the poorest on earth so it makes people act ! In fact, in 2010, Sean Penn and Oprah Winfrey were affected by the distress of the country and decided to act by beginning  the construction of school and giving out some food, toys or safe water to families in need.


I remember all those details by watching through the window and wondering how I would help them while they needed so much more than I could give. The day after, I was driven to the hospital and took care of children during my mother’s appointments. They were touching my hand and pressing it, thinking black would appear. They were also very confused by my hair and asked me if I was an angel or an elf of Santa Claus. The innocence of the children is a precious present, especially in the most total chaos. In this group I met a 10-year-old little boy named Woodolph who was very sick but brave anyway. I made him my godchild because I admired his courage and his maturity in face of the situation.


Haïti is a dangerous country as well as it’s wonderful. All the people are very kind and humble. This country needs a fresh start and the trust of those who visit it.

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