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January 18, 2013

We are going to talk to you about Glee, our favorite TV show ever. Glee is a musical TV show directed by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. The scene takes place in Lima, Ohio.

glee1After the teacher of the Glee Club in McKinley High School in Lima was fired, the Spanish teacher William Schuester decided to take the responsibility of it. The members of the Glee Club are all considered as losers in their high school, McKinley High School, except for three cheerleaders who call themselves the Unholy Trinity, and two footballers who were forced to get into it.

Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch, the cheerleaders’ coach, can easily be described as evil. Indeed she uses harsh words and is anything but sweet to anyone. We have however developped a strong affection for this tough woman with a big heart… hidden really deep under the surface, but still. She actually becomes more human at each episode… or almost. Her jokes about Will Schuester’s curly hair are totally hilarious. She may seem to be a monster at first, but she sometimes shows her humanity.

Will Schuester is a Spanish teacher who cannot really speak Spanish, but it’s not his fault. Deciding to take the Glee club in charge was actually a good idea for him, because he can sing, even if his rapping would make a cat bark in horror. Matthew Morrison has the perfect hair for the role.

Emma “everybody is pretty and I am a psycho” Pillsbury is the school counsellor, she has a big case of OCD. She’s a ginger who has ginger parents who only like gingers, and she’s a bit cute even if she is annoying sometimes.


The Glee fandom calls itself “Gleeks”, which is tooootally ridiculous, and some of them even worship Wemma. Worshipping a sheep with a redhead? I understand the point though,they both have weird hair. Oh by the way if Jackie doesn’t really consider herself as a “Gleek”, I’m a part of this huge fandom on Twitter.

Brittany S.Pierce, who dances like a goddess, and Santana Lopez, form along with Quinn the “Unholy Trinity” which rules the school, and are best friends. They’re currently dating, even if they’re on a temporary break right now. We hope the writers won’t make Bram happen instead (Brittany + Sam who has a trouty mouth; he is  a blondie who looks like Brittany and Quinn so that they are  like siblings).

Santana acts like a “tough cookie”, she can be bitchy because she comes from “Lima Heights Adjacent”, but she’s really adorable inside. She’s my favorite character (Marie). Brittany is the opposite of Santana; when Santana looks all intimidating, Brittany just makes you want to hug her.

Quinn and Finn are the high school sweethearts even if they’re not together anymore (Finn is dating Manhands, aka Rachel Barbra Berry who only thinks of herself as a Broadway superstar). They’re both popular, and Quinn’s intellect compensates for the big black hole which stands for Finn’s “brain”.

Mercedes Jones, played by Amber Riley, is a REAL diva. She sings anything you ask her, because she is the voice of the show! She covered “I will always love you”  and reached every single note from this complicated Whitney Houston’s song. I believe that her energy bursts out of the screen. She is my favorite character. (Jackie)

Noah Puck Puckerman is basically a badass with a big heart.

Kurt Hummel, aka “Porcelain”, is a delicate flower who sings like a bird in this world full of brutes. He came out as gay in the first episode and was bullied by David Karofsky. He is dating Blaine, a beautiful guy from season 2.


To us this series is an amazing series full of music and songs and the message is positive because it tells you to be who you are.

It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, popular or unknwown, big or skinny, you are You and you are a shining star in your own way!

Jackie and Marie.

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