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‘The theory of Gaïa’ by Maxime Chattam

January 15, 2013

This summer, I read a really interesting and surprising book! In a thriller full of twists and turns, the author exposes his theory based on men’s violence. Nowadays, storms multiply, natural catatrophes ensue…the Earth is angry. Maxim Chattam asks himself : what is men’s behaviour in the face of this phenomenon ? What is the impact of the society evolution on them ? The truth is frightening… Indeed, it’s a realistic thesis : men are more and more violent in our society, in response to the evolution of the socio-economic context.


Here is the summary : a couple of  scientific researchers are recruited for a secret investigation. Emma goes to a deserted Polynesia island whereas her husband, Peter, heads up to the observatory in the Alps. Both ignore the reason of their mutation. They will discover later that the mission is about a study of  serial killers… dropped off on the island.

Even if the author uses a lot of scientific words, it’s really interesting. Moreover, there’s a lot of suspense. We couldn’t expect what is going to happen at the end of the book. Without giving the resolution of the plot, I’m going to explain to you what the last chapter means. In a near future, in the street, there’s a gigantic billboard which represents masked men. He’s pointing a weapon at a teddy bear’s head, saying :’ That’s what happens when parents don’t buy peanut butter to their children’. It shows that men’s violence keeps increasing, and that the society is dominated by it.

This book is also philosophical, and psychological. The research subject is man himself. Our  more and more modern society  encourages comsumption. Nevertheless people are not equal, and there are still differences in living standards. Therefore, there are repercussions: jealousy, anger, violence. I really advise this book which makes people think about this important fact !



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